Fractal Define R3 vs Corsair 400r

Both cases are amazing. They have rubber gromets, usb 3.0, and they cost $100

Fractal Design seems to have better air filters, 2 dvd bay (how many people actually use more than 2?), sound proofing material, and metal HDD drive holder.

Corsair has more fans location, led lights, and a bigger backplate cutout.

Which do you think is better and why?
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  1. No need to diss people because they like the flashy "transformer" cases.
  2. I voted for the R3 as I have a Define XL which is awesome.
  3. corsair looks half done and a mix of styles, whereas the R3 is classy and quiet.


    not to mention that I'd frefer the core 3000 over the corsair if you want an airy build, though it lacks usb3
  4. omg fractal d no question ... clean classy lines , fully functional .. no brainer it !
  5. Well. I am glad I made the right choice then. I am using my Fractal and I sometimes can help but look at how great it looks. I find it puzzling how case manufacture can't comprehend that a simple style is better than a cluttered mess.
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