PCI-E x16 = PCI-E 2.0 ???

Is it true that pci-e x 16 is the 2.0 version ? I thought not but on the mobo section someone tells me that.
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  1. if it doesn't say 1.1, 2.0, 2.1, or 3.0 in the specs somewhere It's probably the 1.0 version.
  2. ChiefTexas_82 said:
    if it doesn't say 1.1, 2.0, 2.1, or 3.0 in the specs somewhere It's probably the 1.0 version.

    Cpuid-z says i have a pci-e x16 mobo so i think it's 1.0 ?
  3. you can have pcie x16 v1.0 and v 2.0. version 2.0 has 2x the bandwidth of 1.0.
    so 16x 1.0 = same bandwidth as 8x 2.0
    you can also have pcie 2.0 at 1x or 4x, same with 1.0.
  4. So what cpuidz says pci-e x 16 doesn't nessacarely mean it's 1.0 ? How can i figure out what version it has ? Been looking for hours for my mobo but just can't find any specs for it. ( AMI p01-a3 )
  5. Maybe your MoBo is "ACER Aspire X3810 " open your case and look on it.
  6. From past experience, as far as i know, when i ran CPU-id and it says x16, it means that its a version 1.0. I upgraded my mobo and now it reads PCI-E x 16 v2.0. so it is pretty accurate. Im sure you got V1.0.
  7. CoffeeDrinker said:
    From past experience, as far as i know, when i ran CPU-id and it says x16, it means that its a version 1.0. I upgraded my mobo and now it reads PCI-E x 16 v2.0. so it is pretty accurate. Im sure you got V1.0.

    Thats what i think. I bought this bloody system 1,5 year ago, new ! Packard Bell = :cry: :fou:
    So accomplishing that ; will a 2.1 card ( XFX 6870 black edition ) give problems here ? I know 2.0 is compatible but not so sure about 2.1.
  8. GreenDutchAlien said:
    Thats what i think. I bought this bloody system 1,5 year ago, new ! Packard Bell = :cry: :fou:
    So accomplishing that ; will a 2.1 card ( XFX 6870 black edition ) give problems here ? I know 2.0 is compatible but not so sure about 2.1.

    Basically all v2.0 and 2.1 are backward compatible, just that you will lose some bandwidth. Whent the motherboard is changed you will see a bumnp in performance by at 10 frames or more. My 4870 had a bottleneck, opened to v2.0 and now getting easy extra 15frames. But yeah, it will work no matter what Version you got.

    Enjoy :)
  9. Yeah, i know it will work ( it's allready in ) BUT, i DO have a botlleneck somewhere, FPS never gets higher than 50 - 55 ( also not with older games ) and when i go from one side of the map to another side it has terrible screen tearing issues. With vsync on when i look around the map it will even hang for a split second and then stutters the whole way through, which i didn't have with an older card. Been breaking me head over that problem for about two months now and just thought this could be causing it. I assumed it was a 2.0 system because it bought it 1,5 years ago, but that doesn't seem to be the case. ( feel pretty ripped off now )
  10. Unfortunately with me being in retail sales for an IT company, basically all entry level boards come with v1.0, which as a prebuilt side from Say HP and the like, dont put big boards in. they try keep the pricing down, which is why it most of the time recommended to build your own box especially when it comes into the Gaming sector.

    Sorry to hear that they gave you a box that is now underperforming though. Got a decent card now its time to look at a new build with at least a better mobo.
  11. I will defenitely build my own system next time. This is a piece of crap.
    I don't think the tearing issue is because the 1.0 slot anymorebecause ; to make things even more strange, i have just been playing Company of Heroes now ( it's one of my most demanding games ) and with my previous gigabyte 560 TI SOC i had to switch off vsync, AA and put some settings at high in stead of ultra and then i still had those terrible tear problems when looking around. ( really a lot, i was totally fed up with all the stuttering ), now with the 6870 i can use vsync, AA and all settings at ultra and it still runs smooth. Company is a NVidea game and theoraticly the 560 should be faster anyway !!! HOW is this possible ???? Think i'm going mad :pt1cable:
    I don't think it's a brand related thing, because before the 560 i had an 465 which didn't have the tear issues and performed better than the 560. Is it possible the 560 is faulty and i should RMA it ?
    Sorry i keep asking questions but i really don't get it and starting to get a big headache from it.
  12. Oh, i forgot one thing ; when i play the game it's not full size anymore. ( it was with the 465 and 560 ) It should be a centimeter bigger to fill up the screen. Game and monitor settings are 1920x1080. When i use-alt tab and go back again to the game it becomes full screen, but windowed by the task bar from windows. When i push the full screen button it goes black for a sec and then is smaller again.
    I had to use the scaling option in catalyst and use overscan to make the screensize fit when i started with this card, so i suppose the game switches that catalyst setting off ? Anybody knows how i can solve that ?
  13. Packard Bell? Didnt they become HP in like 1999?
  14. Im gonna ask a really stupid question tho, what connection are you using on the monitor? I pressume you are using the HDMI if you are using the overscan. But i would say to get full size instead of Windowed mode, press Alt + Enter changes to full screen. But ingame the screen should automatically fit to the overscan size. :heink: Regards to the Tearing, what is the refresh rate on the monitor? Otherwise if that does not come right, i will speak to one of my techies that has Crossfire setup and maybe he can help out as well.
  15. bucknutty said:
    Packard Bell? Didnt they become HP in like 1999?

    Yeah HP did buy them out, however still use the name widely.
  16. Yep, hdmi. And i'm pretty sure it has to do with the game not using the overscan from catalyst ; it's exactly the same size i had with the desktop size before i used overscan.
    I have a dvi to hdmi converter cable, i'll try that later on, see if it makes a difference.
    Refresh rate is 60 hz BUT, i took a look at my monitor info screen when playing Company and then it was 50hz ??? Anyway, i'm so happy as a child being able to play without that horrible tearing stuff again. Would be nice though to play at full screen.
    Btw using alt enter to go back at the game full screen makes no difference, still the same.
  17. Euh . . .guys, i'm even more puzzeld now.
    Got this reply on the motherboard section and i think this guy is right actually ?

    "Easy ;

    look at the chipset, H57 right?

    go to intel or wiki and search for the H57 chipset and it tells you it supports pcie 2.0 so... pcie 2.0 it is.

    Just to make sure. Download cpu-z and confirm your mobo has H57 chipset."

    I have a H57 so it is probably 2.0.
    Really confused about CpuidZ now. :(
  18. Sorry to have taken so long on the reply, I spoke to my techy, and he has suggest 3 things that could be the possible cause to what you are experiencing with slow down or twitchy screen thing that you had.

    1: Check the power supply, what can happen is that the power supply might be underpowering the card when it needs the extra power, therefore slowing the card down.

    2: Uninstall all AMD drivers, and Download and install the latest drivers.

    3: Check the chassis for fans, if the chassis is not well ventilated it might cause over heating, in turn of that, it slows the card down.

    Check on those,

    Regarding the chipset, i will check that out for in the morning on one of my price lists, to make sure on the PCI-e v2.0 or V1.0, and will post back up on here. In the mean time, try those 3 things that i posted above, and see what comes out of it.

    My current feeling is the Power supply and the heat inside the Chassis. But install latest drivers so that gets pulled off the list.

    Let me know.
  19. Oh and a quick one, is that the PC that you have on the link you posted??? Can you also check on the motherboard and give a model number for the board, usually big white writing, or sometimes very small, if you can get that, it would greatly help.
  20. Yes it is the pb ipower x3.0, Dutch version but i think it's the same as the UK one. ( model is ipower g5800 )
    Power supply ; coolermaster gx750. Rest ; 8G ram 1233, i7 870 2,9ghz, syncmaster bx2250 1920x1080.
    Cpuidz says my mobo is an AMI p01-a3, didn't have a look inside though. Maybe i'll do that tomorrow with daylight.
    Never had old Amd drivers because there were no win 7 drivers on cd, had to download from xfx to get the thing started. Did clean old nvidea drivers with driversweeper.
    Temps are round 60-65 when playing, so no problem there i think. With the 560 it went up to 75-85, with the fans blowing pretty hard. ( at +85 it often crashed )

    To add up to the mystery ; i said that Company of Heroes doesn't have the tearing problem anymore with the 6870, but an other favourite of mine, Rise of Legends still has that problem, so no improvemnt there. :pfff: Why, why, why ?

    Btw CoffeeDrinker ; really appreciate your afford, curiuos what the list will say then.
  21. weather its pcie 1.0 or 2.0 at 16x it doesnt matter, they both have enough bandwidth for nearly any card out to run at its full potential, you wont notice the difference in speed unless your using a dual gpu gtx590.
  22. Yeah, i was figuring that out also. Specially because the tearing problems obviously are not because of the pcie type. ( because Company of Heroes plays better then ever before with the 2.1 card ) ( but why isn't Rise of Legends doing better ??? ) Still, because i've been trying to find out what it is for a long time and others to, i still really would like to have confirmation of the version, altough i believe it's a 2.0.
  23. Goodmorning,

    Went checking out on the power supply, i found that the power supply is a 500w at peak, but 450 on max wattage.

    The graphics card requires a minimum power supply unit of 500w, have you maybe got a bigger power supply maybe like a 600w or so, sometimes just working within required is not so good as it could put strain on the power supply itself. See if you can test with a different power supply.

    Another question, seems like we ironing out everything, lol. How many fans have you got inside the box?? even if the card only gets to that temp, the ambient temp inside might be a little to high,

    Also download GPU-z and check with that regarding Graphics card. Also gives a big break down on GPU clock etc.

    Still checking out motherboards for you, will get back to you on that.

    Cheers for now.
  24. Just checking on the motherboard, the number given is a BIOS version, hmmmm, so PB dont like putting model numbers on the boards. Can you try open up and check on the Motherboard mother number. Lets hope that this helps.
  25. Ok, interesting thing that just came up, can i ask you to check another thing for me, i have been browsing, and there are a few models to the Ipower X3.0 range. Can you post the model number of the unit, it will start with a PT- and then the number will follow. That should allow myself and my techy to check everything out for you.
  26. Man, your putting some time in it, wow.
    The original psu was a crappy 450W i know, that's why i changed it with a cooler master GX 750W.
    Ill try to find those numerbers in the afternoon, i'm at work now.
    Later my friend.
  27. Ok got the numbers i believe.
    Do pc builders have like eagle eyes or something, jeez what are those numbers small and almost unreadable.
    Mobo is h57h-am2, been googeling but still no luck. ( and why says cpuidz that it is an ami p01-a3 ? )

    There is one fan on the back panel blowing hot air out. My gpu is the lowest placed device on the board so no "heaters" under it. Been playing some time in the past with the case opened and lots of cold air but no difference then. I'm pretty sure it's not a heat thing. When i boot up and start playing immedietly ( should be no heat issues allready than ) and from the start it has the tearing issues.

    I really don't know what's going on anymore.
    GTX 465 oc played CoH ( company of heroes ) and RoL ( Rise of legends ) at full settings and no tearing.
    GTX 560TI soc played CoH and RoL with really a lot screentearing when i look around on the battlemap going up and down or sideways on the screen.
    HD 6870 oc plays CoH perfect ( better than 465 ) BUT RoL is still giving same tearing problems and stuttering when "flying" over the map.
    Why ????????????? :pfff: :pt1cable: :pfff: :cry: :pfff:
  28. Try turning DDC/CI to OFF on your Monitor Display. Sometimes that can cause screen tearing with Plug n' Play drivers as it tries to shuffle data back and forth with incompatible software.
  29. DDC what ? I never even heard of that and are pretty sure i never saw this option somewhere. Where can i find that ?
  30. I was running a GTX 580 and getting screen tearing on all sorts of stuff even LoL. Switched it off and haven't and a problem since. I'm not sure what kind of monitor you're running but for me it's in my display options on the Monitor itself. The same place I'd normally manually change contrast and brightness essentially on the monitor.


    I don't know why it was causing tearing for me so don't ask but it was probably because the link wasn't bidirectional.
  31. Nope, don't have that. :(
  32. I do have edid but that's not it i believe. Thanks anyway.
  33. Just rememberd that when i got this pc i played a while with the original gpu, gt330 2g, and altough the pictures didn't look as good as with the better ones, it didn't have those tearing problems.
    So looking at that ;
    The worst card ( 330 ) does fine, though no good picture quality.
    The one after that being better ( 465 ) does great.
    The one after that quality wise ( 6870 ) does average.
    And the best quality card ( 560 ti ) does worst.
    ( btw lowering the settings on the better gpu's often makes it worse, so it's not because of the lower settings the 330 does better imo )

    I have heard that when you use a good gpu for a not so demanding game it will make less use of the gpu and more of the cpu, like the 465 is not that good so has to work harder itselff or something,this would explain the better cards doing worst. But can't the i7 handle this then ? And does that mean that with a 580 it will be even worse ??? Can't imagine that and it would be stupid, buying better cards resulting in worse performance.

    Another strange thing is going on now ; catalyst keeps on setting the res to 50hz. WTF !!!!! :ouch: ( i'll make that a new thread this is already getting to long by itself and doesn't anymore apply to the titel anyway.)

    I'm breaking me head over this problem for about 3 months now and i really, really are getting at a point that i could smash this whole f ......., stupid, lousy, big pile of sh... in the trashcan. What a complete waist of money and energy. I paid with all the upgrades around 1500 euro for a extremely frustrating, bloodpressure raising and defenitely lifeshortening devils machine straight out of hell. God, i hate that thing. Kill ! Kill ! Kill ! :fou:

    Anyway, i dont think someone can help me out with this because it's just not possible to explain such a impossible, weird and totally not logical problem. It's just hexxed or something. Maybe i'll put it out of it's missery with a silver bullit or a pointed wooden stick, i really think that's the best.
    Thank you all for trying anyway, appreciate that a lot.
  34. Hi,

    I went searching on all of this, and now im stumped and so is my techy, sorry for the delay on any reply, but now im lost, and dont know what to say. I dont know if it is maybe because of the CPU, that just cant thread to the GPU properly, not sure anymore, takng flyers now. lol. Sorry that i cant help you anymore on this dude, I tried my best. And hope that you come right on this. Have you installed the drivers for the monitor???

    Maybe that can help as well, although the feed to the monitor is HDMI, it might still think that it is Analog on the feed via the HDMI cable. Maybe, maybe maybe.

    Sweet bud,
  35. We're all lost, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. :lol: Like i said, it's so unlogical and weird, no way to solve this from a distance i think. I saw an add from an IT guy from here in the neighbourhood and he offers his services for 15 bucks an hour, no cure, no pay, so i'm going to let him break his head over this, i'm done with it. :pt1cable:
    Many, many thanks though for trying to help and doing all this research and stuff. Real great one ! ! !
    If the mystery is ever solved i'll let you know, would be good info for the techy i think.
    Bye for now.
    To be continued . . .
  36. And again i made the stupid mistake making this thread a discussion and not an question . . . Even i'm getting tired of myself. Can't close it now or give the best answer reward, otherwise CoffeDrinker would have got it for trying. ( mod ? )
  37. Another on quickly, in the catalyst control centre, look for LCD overdrive, turn it on and set to full. And also under Properties (Digital Flat Panel) look for the reported maximum refresh rate, and turn on HDMI Setting there and force the HDMI to reduce Frequency on high resolution displays. Let me know on those. So basically forcing the monitor to run at the refresh rate of the monitor and no higher. Let me know if this helps bud.
  38. Also under the 3D application settings, look for the Wait for Vertical Refresh, set that to Quality. been playing around in the Control centre and came passed those things.
  39. You mad man. Just can't give up hey ? :lol: I have the same problem, said i would leave it with this and hire the techie but still my head is thinking almost consatantly what the stupid problem can be, i just can't stand a computer being the better of me. Going nuts :pt1cable: .
    I did try overdrive, it doesn't help and the task bar on the bottom of windows get weird colored.
    At the properties it statets it's a smbx2250 and says maximum reported refresh rate 75 hz. ( monitor is 60 hz )( ? )
    But i dont have the option to turn on hdmi settings.
    Options are image scaling ( it's on gpu scaling ) and enable itc processing ( also on )
  40. Nah, cant give up, there must be a solution to every problem, right now, i think that maybe its then the o/s giving problems, check in control panel, progames and features, just check and see if the NVIDIA drivers are all off, there must be nothing of Nvidia on there. And can you possibly try putting the card into another machine, and see if it does the same. If it does, then you know it is a problem card. But im now starting to think that maybe due to all the different cards that has been used, might be that. Also try google FPS limiter, download and run, if not re-install o/s, if still the same, send card back for a replacement. :) I just wont give up that easy on this. Will figure it out. lol.
  41. Ha Coffeeman.
    I found the solution i think.
    Actually, didn't want to confess this because it's really stupid, but well, i promised to tell you if i would find the solution ( good info for the techie ) Except for one game the tearing is as good as gone and i think the problem with rise of legends is with that game itself )
    Being the biggest noob there is i did install the wrong drivers for my monitor when i switched to the 560. I had to reinstall the drivers when i put in the 560 and had the choice between analog and digital version of my monitor, thought i remembered it was the digital, it was the analog though . . . . . . . :pfff: Idiot.
    I figured this out because with the 6870 my res switched back all the time to 50HZ. After installing the analog drivers it stayed at 60H. Now, switching back to the 560 with the right monitor drivers the tearing is as good as gone, so it must have been that. This was the one thing i didn't think of being possibly the problem maker. I feel like and probably am the biggest fool alive.
    Thanks a lot for trying to help and putting in all this time and effort anyway. ( but i'm beyond help i'm afraid :pt1cable: )
    Cheers !
  42. Hehehehe, Well i was somewhat right on the drivers side, hehehehe. I am just glad to hear that the tearing is basically gone and that the monitor is running with the Graphics card at basically full potential.

    Anyway, all is good and ends good. lol. And in all honesty, there is no idiots, just a learning curve for everyone. :)
  43. Yep, and the curve is steep. Half year ago i was 100% noob, after being on this forum for 2 months i'm maybe just 50 % noob now. :lol:
    Later !
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