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Missing Best Answers Count!

I am having this problem for past 20 days! :cry:

I am missing 1 best answer in
Windows Vista (got 6 showing as 5) section, Happened on first week of feb!
I am having only one best answer at Graphics & Display Section, but my profile shows nothing, Happened on first week of feb!

Reported to moderators, i was directed to administrator.
Admin asked me to wait for a week, nothing happened!
Again got reply from admin that he can do nothing with that! I have to wait!

Yesterday it happened again! :fou:

I am missing 1 best answer in
Windows 7 (got 10 showing 9)!

Totally I'm missing 3 in count! :fou: :cry: :pfff:

Anybody out there, Please Help! :(
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  1. As I have said in your numerous PMs to me, please be patient. These counts are not lost, even if they are slow to update.

  2. Thanks for your reply Justin!
    Anyway Waiting is the only option I got :) :(
    But the problem is not happening all the time!

    Today also it missed 1 best answer in Vista, which was marked yesterday!

    When it is being counted means within 5 minutes after being selected, the count increases in my profile!

    Missing Count increases from 3 to 4 :)

    I mentioned this just for your info! Sorry to bother!
  3. For your Info, out of Missing 4, I can see 1 best answer in Vista, and 1 in win 7 in Tomshardware login!

    Actually those are selected by users!

    This is a bug in Forum & please do some necessary actions!
  4. Hey,

    I will have a developer look into this.

  5. Best answer
    Hey there!

    Justin let me know about this, and it sounds like it could have something to do with how the forums are divided on the UK/US level. This (and scoring) are issues we know have been a little wonky, and we're working to resolve. Thanks for your patience in this.
  6. Thanks Justin for making needed action immediately &
    Thanks jpishgar for looking into this problem!
    Hope all the issues will be solved soon!
  7. Best answer selected by saran008.
  8. One more missing Best answer added to that list in VISTA, today :(
    Please solve these bug.
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