PCI 3.0 x16 Question(Z77A-GD65)

About the PCI 3.0 x16 slots, will putting my single video card in the top-most(closest to cpu) have any benefits?

It is said to be
PCI Express 3.0 x16: 3 (16/8/4)

So does this mean the the top one is running at true x16 speeds, 2nd one at x8, and bottom-most one at x4? Or does this only apply when doing multiple GPUs?

I am using only a single GPU, NOT SLI. I wish to position the GPU a bit lower so that both it and the top of my mobo can receive better airflow from my side fan.

Thanks in advance for your comments!
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  1. Hi, Acording to the manual the top one is recommended for single VGA. But you can install CPU-Z and test with the card in the second slot. See if it runs at X16 or X8.
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