Budget Replacement PSU Advice Needed

Hello all

I'm not having a lot of luck with my 'puters at the moment. On Friday night my desktop made a "pffft" noise, lost all power and despite changing fuses, kettle leads and doing a "lamp test" on the power supply outlet, it won't power up again at all. No lights, no whirring, no anything.

So I believe I need a new PSU. As the desktop is only a stop gap until April or May when I plan a new buy, I don't want to spend more than £40. I'm based in the UK and would prefer to buy from Overclockers, Aria, Amazon.co.uk, ebuyer.com, etc - somewhere based in Britain.

The system is a hash of an Athlon 64 3500+ processor, 3Gb RAM and the motherboard is an ASRock 939N68PV-GLAN circa 2008. These components are in a full sized tower case. Although I'm using the on-board gpu currently but might be putting in an old nVidia 6800GT card to help with framerates in EQ2.

Please could someone suggest a budget replacement to power this system.

Many thanks in advance.

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  1. See THC stickie on PSUs here. You can at least use the links to identify which PSUs are available in Britain.
  2. abekl said:

    That particular unit is a good unit but it's not better then the GX450W price and performance wise.
    VP450 - 2yr warranty and it's not 80+ certified.
    GX450 - 5yr warranty and 80+ Bronze and it's cheaper.
    The GX450 is made by Enhance and internally different to the other GX(Seventeam) models.(which are poor units)
  3. Thanks for the insight. Much appreciated.
  4. abekl said:
    Thanks for the insight. Much appreciated.

    Don't hesistate to recommend the VP450 in certain circumstances it is a good basic unit.
    I recommended it a couple of times last week when posters where looking to replace oem units in pre-builts or low power builds.
    It was on for $30 at a Canadian retailer = terrific value!
    And you're correct it is much better then the majority of CM's low end offerings with fake labels.
    Just not in this particular case.
  5. Many thanks Davcon - I've just ordered the Coolermaster PSU from Overclockers. Very good value from Overclockers too - the same PSU is £47.72 exc VAT from eBuyer. Thank you so much for your help and fingers crossed that fitting it tomorrow is an easy process.

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