I finally finished my first build, How does it look?

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  1. you already got the stuff , and now I have to click your links to tell you ..what?
  2. It's scary to think how many parts I can guess just by the prices.
    Hey Diaxis; honestly, we don't care so much about prices. If you're happy we're happy.
  3. I'm with outlander. Whats the point of asking us now if you already have the items?
  4. I havn't bought the parts yet, I just finished choosing my parts. Sorry forgot to clarify that.
  5. It's tough being asked to click through links. Part names are more useful that prices.
    Much easier for the reviewers to look at part names. Prices are your concern, getting good parts that work together is what we like to help with.
  6. It's all compatible and pretty good.
  7. Only suggestions i can make is the motherboard and the hdd

    support for pci-e 3.0 and its newer

    Is there any reason why you picked a 2.5" notebook hdd?
  8. Its cheaper, and I'm kind of tight on money so I'm trying to keep it cheap, I'm already like 150$ over budget. xD
  9. Do you want to get back on budget?
  10. Yes, I would like to know what its going to look like if I cant come up with the money in time for Christmas. But if I do have enough money by Christmas this is what I'll be buying.
  11. If you want to get on budget get a 750W or 850W PSU (get a 750W), get a GTX 570 and then buy a samsung F3 HDD
  12. And an ASrock Extreme 3 Mobo
  13. candlelarbra5212 said:
    If you want to get on budget get a 750W or 850W PSU (get a 750W), get a GTX 570 and then buy a samsung F3 HDD

    Yes, but I am planning on SLI'ing the GTX 580's so I dont think that low of a wattage will be safe.
  14. Oh Ok don't get a 750W then still 850W should be OK
  15. Cheaper case would help. You want to SLI the GTX580 so you might want to make sure you get a case that can handle that heat output. Antec 900 probably can, and is usually around $100.

    There aren't many other places to shave money from. I would drop the PSU down as well. It's easier to change a PSU then upgrade your CPU or board. Besides, you could use it as a backup PSU.
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