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I'm buying new graphic card with 2.1 PCI-e express slot. Heard that older BIOSes have problems with 2.1 cards. I been searching for days but i couldn't find update for this one:

BIOS Date: September 27th, 2007
BIOS ID: 64-0511-000001-00101111-092707-Bearlake
BIOS OEM: BIOS Date: 09/27/07 15:30:10 Ver: 5.11 - 5.11
Chipset: Intel 29C0 rev 2
SuperIO: Unknown
Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard
Motherboard: KC889AA-ABZ

LIke you see my last BIOS update was long time ago. There's a some stuff named BiosAgentPlus that find your lastest BIOS update but i dno't want to pay for that! Is it any other change doing this? TNX for replies! :wahoo:
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  1. If the mobo's manufacturer did not release a newer version of BIOS, I don't think you can safely update it. If they did release one, best thing is to follow their instructions, as manufacturers come up with their own utilities to flash a BIOS.
    A bad flash can render you mobo dead.
    I would go ahead and try the new card with the current BIOS, since there is a chance it may work without fiddling with the BIOS.
  2. Should be fine, i've never heard of an outdated BIOS rendering GPU's unusable. If someone could explain that to me it would help.

    Even if the slot is 1.0/1.1 you can use a 2.1 card, you just won't have that extra bandwidth.
  3. About bandwith you're right! But many people said that 2.1 card didn't work on their comp. Some of them suggested BIOS update... I don't know :S
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