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Cannot access certain folders over network (The "My" folders)

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December 12, 2010 2:55:52 PM

Hello. I have a set up as follows:

Main computer, runs Windows 7 Pro x64, is sharing with a laptop running Windows XP Pro SP3. On the main computer I keep all data on a second HDD, drive D:\. Since it's a secure network, I've elected to share the entire D:\ directory with the laptop. The standard "My Documents" resides within this folder along with several others. I have access to the overall directory, but for some reason the "My Pictures" and "My Music" folders give me an "access denied" message. All of the others (basically anything without "My ......") work perfectly. I've tried to adjust the permissions on these individually, but it doesn't seem to do any good. Any ideas?

Thank you,

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December 12, 2010 8:20:12 PM

hi sgt

Bad news you got a virus you have format everything.....

Just kidding lol

its simple

The “My Documents and Settings” is not a folder used by Windows Vista. It is what is called a junction point. If you note, the folder itself is shaded out with a shortcut overlay. If you have "Hide protected operating system files" unchecked, then you will see these junction points. It is intended that users have no access to these junction points.

In Windows Vista, the “My Documents and Settings“, has been replaced by "Users". Each user account will then have Documents, Pictures, videos etc. Note the "My" designation is no longer used. These junction points exist to provide backwards compatibility for older programs that are unaware of the new folder structure in Windows Vista. A program that is hardcoded to install files in the old Documents and Settings will be silently redirected to the new location.

It sounds like you're referring to mapping this from the C drive under the new file structure, however none of the data I'm attempting to access is located on the C Drive. This is the location of the folder which contains "My pictures" and "My Music", basically D:\My Documents is the actual address for it:

In regards to the "Junction Points", I believe you're referring to this:

However none of my files are located on the C drive.