Unlocking 4th core on AMD Athlon

I bought a AMD ATHLON X3 (tri core 3.2ghz) and an Asus M5A78L-M LX which has the core unlocker feature and you need to flip a switch. I was wondering what are the advantages of doing this and the disadvantages?

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  1. the advantage is you get a free updrade to a quad core if it works ok

    the disadvantage is not all of them will unlock successfully and be stable
  2. The advantage would be an added core.

    Disadvantages are that it may not have a stable and functioning 4th core. If you do have a stable 4th core it will raise temperatures and power consumption. If you are using the stock heat sink it may be inadequate for a quad core. Unlocking mine raised load temperatures by about 10C which pushed it close to the recommended max. Of course a aftermarket cooler solves this issue.
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