Changing MoBo's but keeping the same SSD

I'm fed up with my new MoBo not recogonziong my USB 3.0 ports so I'm going to switch to another company.

Do I need to uninstall all the old MoBo drivers or will the new MoBo drivers install over the old ones?

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    Do I need to uninstall all the old MoBo drivers

    You may not need to uninstall the old drivers but it would be wise to do a fresh install of windows.
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    I agree with thr fresh install of Windows but disagree about the old drivers, uninstall them all to avoid conflicts when you install the new MB drivers.
  3. Thanks, I'll think about that as a last resort.
  4. Yeah, I was thinking that.

    My biggest concern would be the Intel usb drivers and the Marvell ethernet drivers.
  5. It doesn't hurt to remove them. But you still might have an issue to boot properly once you switched the MBs. I would try booting into Windows Safe Mode the first time.
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