What should I take advantage from black friday/cyber monday?

I plan to start building a pc near december tentish. Since black friday/cyber monday is near, I want to take advantage of the deals. My budget is around 900 max, WITH REBATES, without rebates i can go to 1000. I have 500 dollars right now, and I will get like 400 more later on during december. What should I take advantage of with 500 dollars? My priority is getting a nice case first because I heard they give good deals on the pc cases.

Also, how should I prepare for blackfriday/cyber monday? Anyone took advantage of these deals on newegg or another pc part site last year? Should I just wait until it's 12 AM then act fast and buy the parts I need, or what?


My cpu is i5 2500k, and it's the only part confirmed so far. my cooler for it is the hyper 212+ probably. I'm not exactly sure on other parts yet, but for now I need to get the parts I can on these november shopping events.
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  1. Don't buy your parts one by one. You should always buy it all at the smae time.
  2. Ya but, the problem is I will buy the rest of the parts within 3 weeks after black friday and cybermonday. computer part deals won't drop...... For example if I find a good HAF 932 case or nzxt phantom case for 80 bucks, I won't find that deal in 3 weeks after...
  3. You could get this lian li. it's $100 but only $70 right now.
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    Cyber monday is overrated, if you notice right now newegg is doing black november, some things will have slightly better deals on them around black friday but most are about as good as you will get right now. If you have a microcenter near you, you can pick up the 2500k for cheap, it wont be cheaper on cyber monday.

    Im with cutebeans though, don't buy over the course of a month, you only have 30 days to send something back to newegg if it shows up DOA otherwise you have to do a full RMA with the company which will be much slower.
  5. The nzxt phantom is now %20 off. You won't find a better deal than this.

    I think every NZXT case in on sale right now.
  6. Oh I see... Thanks. I'll just wait until december then. I'm sure there will be december deals. and yes there is a microcenter near me and I was planning to pick up the i5 2500k for 180 bucks lol. They also have get an i5 2500k and get a Mobo free deal.
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