Is it my motherboard or my cpu causing a faulty ram slot?

Hi have the asus p8z77-v pro motherboard and one of my ram slots didn't seem to work when i continually tested it. most people said that maybe some of my pins were bent. I just sent my motherboard back an am receiving the new one on Friday. i was very very careful when I put my cpu into the processor socket so I don't think it could have harmed the cpu if any of the pins were bent could i have? also does it harm the cpu to sit in my closet for four days? I have it in its wrapping but could that be damaging it? sorry for the newbie questions but I am a little paranoid haha. Thanks!
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  1. You should just look at the pins on the CPU and see if they are uniform. An unnoticed bent pin while trying to insert the CPU could be the end. The CPU should just "fall into place" with zero insertion force. If it doesn't then something is wrong. If you do notice a bent pin, you have two options and I would try this one first. Try to RMA it and get a new one. Or, I have seen people straighten a bent pin with a 0.7mm mechanical pecil. You have to be extremely careful as they are very maluable (gold). Another thing is not to touch the pins with your fingers. You could fry the chip with an electrostatic discharge. Several hundred volts could fry it and considering an ESD could generate up to 3000V! As far as the chip being in you closet, it would be fine and it is good to have it in its wrapping as they are anti-static. Just make sure that there is no moisture building in the bag.
  2. Thank you, I checked and I am sure I didn't bend a pin, I watched a newegg video on building a pc while I built it so I didn't press down and all and placed it evenly in the socket as carefully as possible. Thanks you!
  3. Sure. Just wait until your new board comes and keep us posted.
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