Cant enter BIOS black screen

Recently built my first gaming pc (specs below), the build went well so did the installation of all of the drivers ect.
Decided i want to overclock my cpu but im getting a black screen after i hit DEL on the Asus splash screen, i have also tried f2 and no change its still just a black screen. My bios is up to date according to AI Suite.
Any advice would be great, as detailed as you can if possible.

Asus P8H77-V Intel H77
Intel Core i5-3570K 3.40GHz (Ivybridge) Socket LGA1155 Processor (77W)
Sapphire HD 7870 GHz Edition
600w PSU
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  1. Still need help, any advice would be good.
  2. If a mod can lock this it would be good, i took out my GPU and plugged HDMI into motherboard itself and that let me in, but i have read that my motherboard listed in first post cannot be overclocked, anyone can confirm that?
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