Computer reboots its self?

First of all, thanks in advance for any help.

My computer tonight has started rebooting it's self at random! what ive tried to do to fix this is:
1) remove my overclocks
2) check my fan speeds and there working normally
3) Virus scan ( got 60% and it rebooted it's self )

Not sure what else to do, I didn't think it was an OC problem because they have been clocked for about a year without issue my computer specs are:

OCz Stealth Xtreme 600w
XFX ATI Readon HD 5850 1GB
Intel Q9400 (was overclocked to 3.40 and even at stock 2.66 it's still rebooting )
Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P Mobo
4GB (4x 1GB ) G.Skill 1066MHz ram
50GB OCz Vertex 2
1TB Seagate HDD

Not sure what else to do, I don't think it's a heating issue all my fans are running fine and temps are good.

I first noticed this problem while playing Battlefield 3, rebooted played again for about an hour and it did it again! the third time it rebooted while I was watching a youtube video about a half hour later.

thanks again for any help.
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  1. UPDATE:

    After a reboot the computer will no longer post! the tower powers up as normal, but nothing comes on the screen! Any help is greatly appreciated, also the DVD light starts flashing but nothing is in it.
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