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Frankenputer - What combination of spare parts to use


First thank anyone and everyone for helping me out here.

I came across a bunch of spare parts and would like to get opinions on which combinations to use.

It looks like I will be able to put together 4 or 5 systems. I will only keep 2 and either give the others away or sell them.

Usage for the 2 systems I would like to keep.
System #1
Internet, watching MLB TV, Photoshop, light home video editing, and light gaming (Hearts of Iron 3, Medieval Total War 2, Fallout New Vegas, Civilization).

System #2
Wife's/HTPC, light photoshop, web browsing, office apps, and HTPC.

Here is an inventory of all of the kerappin parts I have.

Asus P5N-T Deluxe
Gigabyte EP45-UD3R
Gateway 503GR Intel D19GAG

P4 3.8
P4 3.0

2 - 7600GT 256MB
GeForce 6800GT
ATI Radeon HD 3600 1GB (only way to get a picture on my old HD tube TV)

4 x 2GB Corsair PC2-6400
4 x 1GB Kingston PC3200
2 x 512MB Samsung PC3200

Sound Cards
Rocket Fish RF-71SDCD
Sound Blaster SB0060

2 - CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Plus
ZeroTherm SFC9225LU-12P
Gateway 503GR Stock CoolerMaster
OEM Intel fan

And a partridge and a pear tree

I was thinking for Sys #1 I would go with the Q9550 and the Asus P5N-T.
For Sys#2 I didn't know wether I should pair the E8400 or the Q6600 with the 750i.

Anyway, thanks to anyone who takes the time to read through this post.


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  1. System #1
    Asus P5N-T Deluxe
    2 x 2GB Corsair PC2-6400
    EVGA GTX 460 SE
    CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Plus

    System #2
    Gigabyte EP45-UD3R
    2 x 2GB Corsair PC2-6400
    CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Plus

    I would actually use on board sound for both.

    If you need any give away ideas, Goodwill has an excellent electronics recycling program.
  2. Best answer
    I agree with alot of tlmck choices
    I think on System 1 he is exactly right
    I would think about the E8400 for system two
    system two wont be doing any heavy multithreaded work
    unless you are willing to OC the Q6600 then that would be better
    just not sure if you want to OC a CPU meant for HTPC
    the good thing is that you have a good cooler for the Q6600
    so setting it at 3ghz would be a easy OC and not so much that it would
    that temps would get too high

    so if you are OCing the Q6600 then I agree
    without OCing then the E8400 makes more sense for system 2

    also the HD 3600 would be choice for system two especially if it is going to be used with the HD TV

    just my opinion
    I could be wrong.....
  3. Thank you guys for responding. I really appreciate the input. I was thinking of going with the quads and OCing both mildly. I have a couple of questions if you guys don't mind.

    Why use onboard sound? Would it be better quality sound or is it better for sys performance?

    Also I read some reviews about RAM problems with the Gigabyte board. Is it a much better board than the 750i. I like the fact that the Gigabyte board has enough USB I/O for a 3.5" media reader to be installed, but was leary because of the reviews about RAM.

    Thanks again, you have been a huge help.


  4. I dont have personal experience with the Gigabyte board
    but what I would do is to "breadboard" it
    just set it up just the mobo,PSU,cpu,ram,onboard video if possible
    and just see if it posts with the ram before installing everything in the case
    I would think since you are using Corsair ram which is a major name brand you should be fine
    you could look up the board on Gigabyte support and usually they list supported ram
    by model number

    with newer mobos the onboard sound is pretty good (5.1,7.1 etc) that a sound card is only needed in limited circumstances
    if you were running some really high end audio equipment or if you need more outputs for analog surround than the mobo gives you than you would use a card
    but otherwise if you have the audio outputs on the mobo you need
    then using onboard sound will save you some trouble plus save some wattage from having another PCI card installed

    I can compare the 750i and the Gigabyte but that would take some time Googling both for reviews
    if you like me to let me know and I will
  5. No need for you to do any further research. I'll work on putting together the systems that you guys suggested.

    Thanks again.
  6. Good luck with the systems
    for frankencomputers they are pretty decent systems
    they should work well
    Core2 are still very viable and powerful CPUs
    with the OCing they would beat out alot of newer AMD cpus still on the market
    I hope you have a very easy time building them and that all goes smooth
    and your welcome
    I was glad to help :)
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