What speed is my ram running at ?

Okay now I've bought two sticks of nice Corsair XMS3 RAM. To be precise " Corsair CMX8GX3M2A2000C9 DDR3 XMS3 8GB "

It says that the RAM sticks should be running at a clock speed of 2000MHz & a 9-10-9-27 latency. Was wondering how I'm actually meant to check if it running at that speed ?

Thanks guys :)
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  1. Currently your RAM is running at 1033MHz at 7-7-7-20 timings/latency. Which is the default for your CPU/MB.

    If you want your RAM to run at the higher speed you will need to OverClock your RAM to the XMP-2000 Profile, assuming your MB and CPU supports it.
  2. Hmmmm have to do that in the bios right ? Also is it better to leave the timings on 7-7-7-20 ? Or change it to the normal timing of the RAM ?

    Thanks :)
  3. Also the board that the ram is on is a AsRock 990FX Am3+ board. & processor is AMD Bulldozer 4170.
  4. Okay I've messed around & tweaked some stuff in my bios. Is this more like what my ram should be ? Or is it better?

  5. That is definitely a lot closer to what it should look like :)

    I would suggest dropping it down closer to 933MHz (1866MHz) and try tightening the timings up closer to 9-9-9 or 10-10-10.

    But otherwise, you should be pretty good.
  6. Would leaving it at 2133Mhz & Timing of 7-7-7-20 be better than what the standard is ? Or do you think I should tighten it up to 9-9-9
  7. There is no way you can run at 2133 with 7-7-7-20.

    The best performance would be 1866 with 9-10-9-27
  8. Alright then , how can I change my timings? ^_^ I tried and it didn't change in the BIOS.

    Thanks mate
  9. You would have to set them all manually. What MB do you have?
  10. ihsaan96 said:
    Would leaving it at 2133Mhz & Timing of 7-7-7-20 be better than what the standard is ? Or do you think I should tighten it up to 9-9-9

    Erm... you know that timings are better when they get lower, right? Just checking.
  11. DarkSable said:
    Erm... you know that timings are better when they get lower, right? Just checking.

    He was asking about 2133 @ 7-7-7 which to the best of my knowledge is impossible.

    His RAM defaults to 7-7-7 @ 1033 MHz, but when he went up to 2133MHz his timings went up to the 13's.

    So I suggested he didn't clock the RAM all the way up, and use the 990FX default of 1866 and try to get tighter timings.
  12. Okay. I was just confused by his phrasing of "tighten it up" to CAS 9 from 7.

    No worries then. :)
  13. Sorry for late reply didn't get any notifications. My motherboard is the AsRock 990FX Extreme3. I've actually been getting problems with the ram , seems that the my system suddenly crashes when browsing but doesn't crash when gaming. Could the voltage be a problem ?
  14. Not at 1.5v, but 1.65 could, as Intel chips technically aren't rated for that. I'd be surprised, though.

    Have you run several checks with MemTest?
  15. I'm using a AMD Motherboard ? Also yeah and it passed 6 runs in one go and 3 others separately in Memtest. It normally crashes when using Chrome or a browser. Otherwise runs fine :/
  16. Erm... you have an intel core i7, right? There's no possible way you could boot an intel chip in an AMD mobo.

    If there is, then, well... I found your problem! :P

    That sounds to me more like a virus than a RAM issue, then, unless it's giving you an error regarding memory.
  17. No no I'm talking about a different system haha. I've got an as rock 990fx exrreme3 with a and fx 4170. I don't get errors just the system hangs and I have to force restart
  18. Ahh, sorry, it's been a while since I've read this thread.

    Where does the system hang; can you get into your BIOS?
  19. My system runs fine when I go into the bios , I can game with it etc. But it hangs when I use the web browser , It never used to do that so was wondering if it's cause I changed any settings etc. The RAM works fine in my friends system and I'm currently using his ram.
  20. Huh. And things are working, with his ram?

    I'd probably say that's from overclocking the ram you have, then... or from it not being able to run at what it's rated for.
  21. Yeah thinks are working fine with his ram. Also I haven't overclocked the ram it should be running fine as my motherboard unclocks the ram automatically to 1866Mhz instead of 2000Mhz
  22. Well okay then, I'm confused.

    What are the differences between your set and his?
  23. My ram stock is 2000Mhz but my motherboard runs it at 18886Mhz. His ram my motherboard runs at 1033Mhz stock
  24. Okay, so his ram is much more towards the norm.

    I think what's happening is that your motherboard / CPU simply isn't able to handle faster memory when it comes to something as RAM dependent as web browsing. Try undervolting and underclocking your ram to 1600 MHz or 1033MHz (since you know that last one works.)
  25. Didn't realise my and 4170 couldn't handle it :(
  26. Undervolting and underclocking to 1600Mhz still gives problems. My RAM worked in my friends system but was running at 1033Mhz, but then the ram passed Memtest so is it definitely the motherboard with the problem?

    Also it says on the website my motherboard supports ram up to 2100Mhz
  27. Well, I'm not certain either way. How did he perform the memtest pass - was it a single run, or was it multiple tests running at once, repeated three or four times?

    Yeah, I think your motherboard and CPU should be able to handle it, but that they aren't performing up to snuff... I do wish there was a detailed software that could be used to test the motherboard functions, though.
  28. Hi there I rang the Memtest and ran it 6 times continuous over night. All passed
  29. Hmm. I honestly don't know what's going on, then. Have both sets of ram been tested?
  30. I've got it sported now mate, I just flashed my BIOS to an older version and all is good :) thanks for the support though!
  31. Odd that that worked, but I'm glad you got things working - congratulations!
  32. Okay now it's not stable anymore...for some reason when I flash to 1.20 it goes fine and I manually put the memory mode on XMP & 1600Mhz it works fine. Then if I change settings it crashes ago. Confusing me :(
  33. That's... weird.

    What settings are you changing that makes it unstable?
  34. ALL the settings :/ This is my CPU-Z details

  35. You're trying to get it to run at.. 1862MHz?

    It might just be that those timings are too tight for the RAM - what was your friend running it at?
  36. My motherboard automatically underclocks it to 1866Mhz anyway but what timings could I use ? I'm not good with ram etc & his PC ran it at 1033Mhz cause the mobo wouldn't let him change it.
  37. Well the typical timings for 1866 are 9-10-9-28, but that's not necessarily what your RAM wants. What happens if you run it at exactly its rated specs? It might just have a problem with the lower latencies, since it was built to run faster. (I'd doubt it since it did well in your friend's computer, but...)

    Also, what voltage are you running it at?
  38. Alright I'll try force it to run at the rated specs , I can't remember the rated specs & I've put it at 1.65V

    Also check your private messages
  39. These are the original specs:
    DDR3 2000 (PC3 16000)
    Timing 9-10-9-27
    Cas Latency 9
    Voltage 1.65V

    though if that doesn't work, I'd try lowering the voltage to 1.5v and upping the timings to CAS 11.
  40. Yeah I can only manually choose 2133Mhz & I did 1.65V with the normal timings and it crashed the PC with the BSOD ( Windows 8 ) Could you tell me the speed & timings to run the RAM at ? I'm not 100% sure what to put in.

  41. This seems to run my PC fine with no crashes.

  42. Okay, so we know it runs at 1033. Can we step up to 1600, keeping the same settings?

    (By the way, if you can, bump that tRAS up to 28. That might give it a bit more stability.)
  43. I'm running it at 1600Mhz now with tRAS at 28. Hopefully it's stable! I don't mind running at 1600Mhz as long as the PC doesn't crash when doing simple stuff as browsing. A bit embarrassing ;)
  44. Yeah that froze my PC aswell.
  45. Looks like you aren't the only one...

  46. Yeah I messaged the people I got the ram off & they go it's not listed in the compatible ram for my motherboard. Can my CPU support up to 1866Mhz anyway?
  47. It should be able to do at least 1866, and shouldn't have a problem with 2000
  48. Not working, I'm going to try sell it off and get some ballistic tracer ram
  49. Well, that's one solution. I wonder if that'll be it all along?

    One almost never finds RAM to be incompatible with a motherboard.
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