Quad kit ram problem

Ive got a FATAL1TY Z77 PERFORMANCE motherboard, dual channel. I installed the KHX24C11K4/16X kingston hyperX genesis 16gb quad channel ram, but doesn't start up to windows or boot for that matter, well starts up ones in 10 times correctly. The other times it just gives memory errors. 53 error. I did install only one stick, 2, 3 and all, but still no change. Is it the quad channel ram or my bios? Can i install quad kit ram in a dual channel board? Pleas need help with this and all the info i can get on what the problem could be.
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  1. That's what it is looking like.
    Fatal1ty Z77 Performance

    Take a look at the fourth bullet in the specs. Supports Dual Channel DDR3 2800 OC. Try some Dual Channel in there and see what happens.
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