Mobo & CPU Compatibility Issue !

I Bought,
CPU: AMD FX 8150
MOBO: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3
RAM: Transcend 1333 Mhz 4gb
PSU: Cooler Master Thunder 600 Watts

But i dont know what is the problem,PSU Fan & Cpu Fan were working but power from the Mobo is getting and hence there is no display on the moniter.
I thought there is a problem with the Mobo and i replaced it(The Same Model) but also i am faing the same.
I guess there is no problem with the processor as it is getting heated up quickly.
I also checked the combatibility of the Mobo with the processor in the gigabyte website.
Every thing were fixed correctly and what might be the problem.
In mobo specs i saw Memory Config is Dual Channel but the Ram i bought is Single Channel,but i guess it may not be the problem??
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  1. Go through this guide :

    If this doesn't help, come back for more help. BTW, single channel memory (assume you just installed a single DIMM module) will not cause this problem unless the memory is defective.

    Do you have the CPU heatsink installed properly?
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