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How can I increase my fps in WoW?

Hello all,

Just recently built a new PC (my first attempt at doing so, please be gentle :-)) and the fps I am seeing in World of Warcraft is nowhere near what I saw in the benchmarking articles on this site. I am hoping to get some tuning advice from all you pros out there. Below is my basic setup:

i5 2500k (OC'd to 4.5GHz)
Gskill 4x2GB 1600 9-9-9-24 (2t)
Asus p8p67 pro (Rev 3.1)
EVGA GTX 560 ti 1GB

I am using DirectX 11 (No AA) in the WoW settings, and have everything running at Ultra settings on 1680x1050 resolution on a 22" monitor. I seem to be seeing no more than 62 fps even in non-populated areas, and the fluctuations I am seeing are generally in a small range between 57-62 fps. I normally see around 60 fps in the dwarven district of SW at busy times.

However, in the benchmark tests on this site I am seeing in excess of 100 fps. That's a pretty huge gap in benchmark vs exisitng performance.

Are there any tuning tips that you can share to help me get closer (or even at) the benchmarked performance?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Disable Vertical Sync in the options menu.

    Vertical Sync basically makes you not be able to get more fps than the default that your monitor is able to produce per second (60hz for most monitors). Thats why you are not seeing over that much. Honestly, though, aside from just seeing how high it can go, I would just leave vertical sync on because then you will encounter screen tearing, in which the comp tries to put up two frames on the screen at once (because there are soo many your monitor itself cant keep up).

    Disable it, to see you go up to 100fps and then re enable it if you encounter screen tearing. You will never actually be able to see over 40fps anyways.
  2. Find the spot with the highest pop and see if your fps dips well below what you have seen but to be honest wow can have very crappy performance even on the best of systems. Give multyboxing a shot if you are not playing retail. That card can easily handle 6 wow clients at once but for single with everything maxed out it won't handle as many.
  3. yup as phishy714 said you have vsync enabled which only lets your monitor show 60fps
  4. yup as phishy714 said you have vsync enabled which only lets your monitor show 60fps

    +2 on that.
  5. Oh okay, I knew there had to be something like that I was missing. Thanks all for the quick replies. I will test it out and let you know my results.
  6. Had a chance to test this out over lunch. Disabled vertical sync and saw a big difference. Maxed out at 195 fps flying around above SW and never dropped below 150 fps running around in the city. Thanks for the tip Phishy714. I wanted to get a much larger monitor but wasn't sure I could support it before (per the numbers I was seeing), but based on this I know I'll be fine.

    I read a lot on these forums while researching my build but this was my first time posting. This community really knows what they are talking about. Thanks again and have a great day!
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