What should i upgrade? if anything.

My Specs:

i7 930 @ 3.4ghz
asus p6t se mobo
ATI gigabyte 5870 1gb (waiting for hd7000 to upgrade)
6gb ram(hyper X)
60gb agility 3
650gb HD
300gb HD
250gb HD
850watt thermaltake black widow

Also which card should i get out of the new hd series coming out?
i dont think i want to spend over $500. Maybe $550 MAX
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  1. Resolution?

    The rumored 7870 might be a good upgrade. It's identical to the 6970 spec wise so you should see a bit more speed. It's probably time for more monitors and Eyefinity.

    3.4GHz? You might want to up your OC.
  2. If I remember correctly, only the HD7900 series cards will have the new XDR2 Rambus RAM. The HD7800 series and below cards will still have GDDR5. So, if you're willing to drop $300 or so on a new card then I'd look at the 7950's/7970's when they're released to see their benchmarks and intro prices. And as long as the rest of your computer can handle your games, then I wouldn't upgrade until at least the new Intel CPU's release (if you're wanting to stay Intel). But I think your i7 930 won't need to be upgraded for a while.
  3. I have a 27" LG monitor @ 1920x1080
    I ill spend $500-$550 m\ax on the video card upgrade
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    Personally I would hold off on upgrades now. I have a 5870 as well and I am looking at getting the HD 7970. At your screen resolution the next part to upgrade would be the graphics card but you probably could wait until Q1 2012 to compare Nvidia's next gen GPU's to the HD 7000 series. Your i7 930 @ 3.4GHz should not be holding back frame rates much if at all.

    You have 6GB of memory which is plenty for gaming but memory prices are falling like crazy so you may just add 6GB more this fall since it will be dirt cheap. You can get a 12GB tipple channel kit now for under $70.
  5. Do we have any idea what the 7970 will be going for price wise?
  6. Haven't see anything about price yet. I'd guess that they will enter the market around the same prices as their predecessors. Anybody remember what the initial prices were of the 6970/50 cards?
  7. What is not performing as well as you'd like? If nothing, don't upgrade.
    Personally, I think a larger SSD might help; 60GB looks awfully tight.
  8. Everything is performing well. As for the SSD i still have 35GB free only going to run bf3 off it. Mostly i want to upgrade my video card. Id like to OC the 930 more but im not to good at oc'ing. The processor was getting unstable at 3.5ghz.
  9. In answer to your original question: Is there anything you need your computer to do that it won't do?
  10. To be honest everything is running quite well, guess im just wondering if and when i upgrade my video card will my components be able to keep up with it?
  11. So get BF3 and if it plays great then don't upgrade. I suspect BF3 will play pretty good on max or near max settings with your setup. No you wont bottleneck your CPU with the next gen cards(well at least not just 1 card) playing at 1920x1080 resolution.
  12. Awesome, just want to be prepared. I don't plan on xfire so looks like ill be ok. Thanks for all the reply's guys. Very much appreciated.
  13. i think, if anything, the vid card is the only thing you should upgrade. It takes a gtx570 to play crysis 2 at full detail with dx11 patch, and that is a fair bit faster than a 5870 which is not so great at dx11. But as others have said, wait for the game to come out and see how it goes.
  14. Nice machine.. A 27" monitor or better will leave you drooling.
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