Belkin wireless router loses internet connectivity since new desktop

Belkin Wireless G plus MIMO router F5D9230-4, it has been working well for past 8 months with 2 laptops, 1 netbook, and an xbox 360 all connected on wireless. 2 days ago, I added a desktop that is connected on wireless with a netgear wireless USB adaptor and since then, I am having issues with the router losing connectivity to the internet several times a day and and I am having to reset the router and cable modem before it will work again. Is there a reason this might be happening? I am not getting a message about conflicting IP addresses, but reading this forum, it seems like that is a likely culprit. How can I ensure that these computers will all coexist on the same wireless network and not have conflicting IPs? Also, are there any other possibilities that could be causing this issue? Thanks for any help.
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    This is a $20 router. The capabilities of this router vs the amount of traffic being passed through it are too great. The ratings for this device on Newegg are through the floor because of issues similar to this. Best advice is to go out and buy something worth using, you'll thank me in the long run.

    $50 gets you this:

    I have the more powerful version of this router (e3000) and I could not be more satisfied. And I am PICKY (Networking Tech by trade)!

    We could go through all of the basic troubleshooting steps but I'm certain that it's just a case of an overwhelmed, cheap router. Hope this helps :)
  2. Really appreciate the tip, I had problems with this router in the past (have owned for 3+ years) and was close to replacing it but then we moved and it has been working fine for the past 6 months so I thought it might be an issue with my new setup. I need to get an N router anyway, so I will just go ahead and replace it.
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