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I currently use WRT54GL at home with Tomato firmware. It is 100% stable, never needs a reboot. It is used as an access point. My internet provider is Verizon FIOS and I use their router as a router (wireless is off on it).

Wireless devices I have are 802.11 G laptop and 802.11 b/g/N Android phone.

I need to setup wireless access at my parent's apartment were I would need to use my laptop or cell phone. They have Verizon DSL with Westell 2200 modem that doesn't support wireless.

Options are:

1) Get another WRT54GL for my parents place
2) Bring my WRT54GL to parents and get me something better.

Question: is there currently something better than WRT54GL to be used with Tomato firmware? Doesn't have to be Linksys but has to be just as stable as my current setup (I am OK with switching to DD-WRT).

I looked at NewEgg and it seems WRT54GL is still more popular than anything else in this segment.
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  1. FWIW, if I was going to replace my WRT54G-TM (w/ dd-wrt installed) today, and wanted to keep the price reasonable (<$40), I'd probably grab the ASUS RT-N12. Wireless N, 300mbps, 2.4GHz, dd-wrt and tomato capable (hard to brick too), etc. Can be had for ~$30 on sale, on a rare occasion even less. One downside, not Gigabit.

    I’ve become a big fan of ASUS routers in general after much success w/ the WL-520GU, WL-520GC, and WL-500GP v2 (all wireless G). Have used dd-wrt and tomato w/ all except the WL-520GC (it only supports dd-wrt). From the reports of others, it appears the tradition continues w/ the new line of ASUS RT-XXX routers in this regard.

    But as always, these things are very subjective. No matter what you choose, just as many ppl will swear at it as swear by it. So in the end it’s always a crapshoot.
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