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Hi everyone, i'm finding a future-proof gaming pc and i heard it's cheaper if you build one yourself. So i wanna try building one but i'm not sure if the parts would work with one another. Could anyone kindly tell me if the parts i selected would work with each other, and if not, what should i change to? Or if there's any BETTER pc at 3000?


PS: first time building, any tips would be kindly appreciated !

Graphics Card
M452-0582 ::MSI N580GTX GeForce GTX 580 Lightning Xtreme Video Card - 3GB, GDDR5, PCI-Express 2.0 (x16), Dual-DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, DirectX 11, Dual-Slot, 3-way SLI Ready(6.6 lbs)
Optical Drive
L12-1113 OEM ::Lite-On iHBS112-29 12X 3D Internal Blu-Ray Writer - BD-R SL 12X, BD-R DL 8X, BD-RE SL/DL 2X, DVD±R 16X, DVD-RAM 12X, DVD+RW 8X, DVD-RW 6X, CD-R 48X, CD-RW 24X, 3D Playback, Black (OEM)(1.75 lbs)
169-2600K ::Intel Core i7-2600K BX80623I72600K Unlocked Processor - Quad Core, 8MB L3 Cache, 1MB L2 Cache, 3.40 GHz (3.80 GHz Max Turbo), Socket H2 (LGA1155), 95W, Fan, Retail(0.8 lbs)
C13-5706 ::Corsair CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9 Vengeance 16GB PC12800 DDR3 RAM - 1600MHz, 4x4096MB, Non-ECC, Unbuffered(0.9 lbs)
Hard Drive 1
C19-8025 ::Crucial CT128M4SSD2 m4 2.5" Solid State Drive - 128GB, SATA 6Gb/s (0.3 lbs) (SSD)
Hard Drive 2
TSD-2000WD2 ::Western Digital WD2002FAEX Caviar Black Hard Drive - 2TB, 3.5", SATA 6Gbps, 7200 RPM, 64MB(1.8 lbs) (HDD)
Sound Card
C44-3392 ::Creative Labs SB X-FI Titanium Fatal1ty Champ PCIe Sound Card (70SB088600007)(2.95 lbs)
Computer Case
T925-7002 ::Thermaltake VN10006W2N Level 10 GT Snow Edition Full Tower Case - ATX, M-ATX, Ext ATX, 4x Ext 5.25", 1x Ext 3.5", 5x Int 3.5", 140mm Fan, 3x 200mm Fans, 2x USB 3.0, 4x USB 2.0, 1x eSATA Front Ports(33.5 lbs)
C13-2100 ::Corsair CWCH100 Hydro H100 CPU Liquid Cooler - 120mm Fan, LGA775, LGA1155, LGA1156, LGA1366, LGA 2011, AM2, AM3(4.35 lbs)
M452-6216 ::MSI P67A-GD80 (B3) Intel P67 Express Motherboard - ATX, Socket H2 (LGA1155), Intel P67 Express, 2133MHz DDR3 (O.C.), SATA 6.0 Gb/s, RAID, 8-CH Audio, Gigabit LAN, USB 3.0(4.4 lbs)
C13-2508 ::Corsair TX850W Power Supply - 850W, ATX, 80Plus(8.3 lbs)
Operating System
M17-7306 ::Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64BIT Operating System Software - OEM DVD(0.4 lbs)
V18-2453 ::ViewSonic VX2453mh-LED 24" Class Flat Panel LED HD Monitor - 1920 x 1080, 1000:1 Native, 16:9, 30000000:1 Dynamic, 2ms, 2 HDMI, VGA, Bookstand Option, Black(13.1 lbs)
T26-3011 ::Mad Catz CD64310000A1/03/1 Call of Duty Elite Gaming Keyboard - USB, 12 Programmable Keys, Multi-Color Backlighting(5.85 lbs)

Total cost about 2913.
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  1. Not sure how you're getting 3000 dollars.. that seems kinda high. Are you looking to do 3 way sli with those 580s? As far as future proof, I would say this would last at least a couple years before you start feeling relatively slow :D

    You must be looking to do some overclocking with the liquid cooling. The 2600k can get pretty fast on air, but if you want every last hertz cant go wrong with the water cooling.
  2. high as in overpriced or a good deal? haha
    oh and i changed the power supply to 850W. anyway what's a 3way sli? sorry, i'm not good in this kind of stuff.
  3. AS future proof as possible even got you a 3D monitor and still well below the 3k mark, plenty of places to save money if you want to (i.e take CPU down to i5 2500k makes no difference in gaming)

    Corsair Graphite Series 600T CC600TM Mid-Tower Gaming Case - $160.00

    Intel Core i7-2700K Sandy Bridge 3.5GHz (3.9GHz Turbo) - $370.00

    ASRock Z68 PROFESSIONAL GEN3 LGA 1155 Intel Z68 - $255.00

    CORSAIR H100 (CWCH100) Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler - $120.00

    SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB 7200 RPM - $160.00

    Crucial M4 2.5" 128GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) - $208.00

    G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 - $45.00

    MSI N580GTX Twin Frozr II/OC GeForce GTX 580 (Fermi) 1536MB - $500.00

    ASUS 24X DVD Burner - $20.00

    COOLER MASTER Silent Pro RSA00-AMBAJ3-US 1000W ATX12V v2.3 / EPS12V v2.92 SLI Ready 80 PLUS BRONZE - $176.00

    ASUS VE276Q Black 27" 1920X1080 2ms Full HD HDMI Widescreen LCD Monitor w/Display Port & Speakers - $300.00

    Total: $2314.00
  4. Nice! Anyway is it possible if i change the case to the snow edition i posted above? i kinda liked that design.
    and does this do the 3-way sli or something? and if so,how do you do it?
  5. Quote:
    3-way sli means that you are running 3x 580's on your system. The performance gain between 2x 580s and 3x 580s is not worth the price.

    2x 6970s outperforms 2x 580s anyways and for less.

    You would need one hell of a psu to power 3x 580s anyways lol.

    Get yourself a nice 850w and two reference 6970s

    TBH you are better off waiting for the newer sandy bridge e's or ivy bridges if you want a gg system since new cpu/mobos and gpus are coming out in the next 3-4 months all together. Many many new deals by then too so you will have an even more BEAST system than you could buy this year.

    Oh really, gosh guess i should wait till next year before i start building then.
    Anyway how do i know which gpu can be sli-ed?
    Oh and there's a difference in the size of the two case, the snow edition was Full tower and the corsair one was mid, does it matter?
  6. Yea go with whatever case you like, I just picked that one because I liked it. If you really itching to spend more or just let me know and I'll point out a couple places to toss the cash or reduce if you want.
  7. Emelth said:
    Yea go with whatever case you like, I just picked that one because I liked it. If you really itching to spend more or just let me know and I'll point out a couple places to toss the cash or reduce if you want.

    Alright, may i know which are the more important components in a gaming pc?
    like where i should spend more on, etc.
  8. Most important parts are the CPU and GPU, currently the 580 is the best out for right now, so you could buy another 580 and SLI them together (the GPUs would probably last another 3-4 years). The CPU either i5 2500k or i7 2600k perform almost exactly the same in gaming that why a lot of us keep saying to get the 2500k.

    If you want to throw more money into it put it towards the HDD and SSD if you want, no point in getting any more than 8GB RAM, get a Blu-Ray player if you want, get a bigger monitor (that is if you even need one).

    Besides that since you dont know much about SLI I would look into it more, the PSU will be able to support SLI and even Tri-SLI i believe
  9. Quote:
    currently the 580 is the best out for right now

    Best at what? Best at being overpriced, yes, that is true.

    First of all +1 for what p07h34d said. On that note 3 6970's actually outperform 3 580's and cost less that 2 580's, that speaks for itself. To the OP, the 580's are the fastest single GPU card out at the moment, the are not the fastest graphics cards (ill leave it to someone else to argue that out between the 590 and 6990). The problem is they are, almost regardless of build, a bad value choice. If your insistent on Nvidia, a 570 is only ~15% slower and 40% cheaper, even SLI 460's are cheaper and faster (game dependant admittedly, they are very close performance wise).
    For a $3000 budget take p07h34d's advice and look at CF 6970's, usually I recommend the Sapphire 2GB 6950, flash the BIOS and OC but I understand that some users may not be comfortable with attempting that. Also keep in mind that the AMD 7000 series are due 'soon', but don't hold your breathe.
  10. Best answer selected by kirayang.
  11. Alright thanks everyone! i'll hold on with my current laptop for 3-4 months and wait for the new things before i decide, thanks again! :D
  12. Good call. With Ivy Bridge coming out soon and smaller process graphics cards coming from AMD (and presumably soon from NVidia as well) it makes sense to wait and see. (And waiting could also give HDs a chance to improve on price once they recover from the flooding and increase production again.

    On the NVidia vs AMD graphics card issue, it is not a straight argument that 6970 is better. Even comparing it to the 570, more advanced games do better on the NVidia cards. If you're aiming for a future computer, the NVidia is a better bet. (This argument will be completely moot when the next generation of cards come out.)
  13. Ivy Bridge is scheduled to arrive around March if you wanna wait that long
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