Can this psu support Radeon HD 6850?

i was wondering if my current psu can handle an upgrade such as the Radeon HD 6850

psu model#: FSP450-60EP
sticker image from google:

if not, what would be a recommended psu thats not too expensive?
current pc specs are
intel core 2 quad CPU Q9400 @ 2.66 ghz
8 gb ram
700gb hard drive
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  1. yes it should be ok. worth giving it a go. if you do get issues thats where i'd be looking first.

    No cpu or GPU overclocking tho.
  2. Yes, it should be fine with your system and a 6850. From the PDF test though it looks like it was tested with 27.7A on the 12V rail or 332W. You could even use a 6870 with it.
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