PLEASE HELP!!! Sound Question on XP

Weirdest thing!! I have my Sound Scheme set to no Sound, but I still hear it!!
The only sounds that it makes are Minimize, Maximize and Close. How can I get rid of these sounds too?
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  1. Try disabling them in Control Panel==>Sounds and Audio Devices

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  2. That's where I did it. It says no sound already. And other ideas?
  3. You could go into audio properties and mute your system volume..
  4. But that's the whole point. I WANT to listen to music and such without hearing that sound each time I close a window.
  5. Did you actually use the sound scheme "No Sounds"? If so, then choose this scheme, scroll down and disable any sounds that have been mysteriously activated, then Save As "No Sounds" again.

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  6. I've already done that.
  7. Why don't you create your own sound scheme, specify that no sounds should be played, and give the scheme a name, like your screen name. Afterwards, either move or delete the .wav files from the media folder so your computer can't find them.


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  8. Where are the wav files located?
  9. I think <A HREF="" target="_new">TweakXP</A> has something on this. Might be a registry key or something. You might want to give them a look.

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