Have an old, slow 512 MB stick of ram anyone

OK, I need an old, slow 512 MB stick of Ram... PC2100 or even PC133... would rather trade some crap for some crap... I cannot put any more money into a old system... I cannot get a K7S5A to work with my two sticks of 256MB PC133 ram, so I need a 512 MB stick...

<font color=red><b>NF7-S/MBarton 2500+
210x11.5 1.82v SP-97
GB Corsair XMS PC3200
BBA 9800 Pro 423/369</font color=red><font color=black>
NF7-S/MBarton 2600+
210x11.5 1.76v
512MB CVR PC3200
Sapphire 9500@9700
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  1. I think I have one stick of PC133 512, but it's ECC. I'll check later this week.

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