My pc hangs and restarts while playing games

my pc freezes while playing games and after a while it starts automatically.. i have reinstall fresh windows many times but the problem persists.. i have also updated my bios to latest version i.e from A06 to A11 but it also didnt work.. i have dell gx520 of 2.8 Ghz, 1.5Gb RAM.. kindly help me
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  1. It probably is over heating.
  2. Overheating, the PSU is failing when the components need more power, I'd get a new computer if I were you.
  3. i have clean out all the dust but it didnt work either :(
  4. That's a Pentium 4 PC which is 6+ years old. The power supply is probably dieing of old age. You can ebay/craigslist one for cheap or get a new PC.
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