Computer won't boot when I install new RAM

Hi everyone,

I am having a problem installing new RAM to my self-built computer.
It currently have this motherboard:
with these RAM installed (3x 2GB)

and I purchased these:
to add 6 more GB.

As far I see, I don't notice any problems. The motherboard says it supports up to 12GB and it has 6 slots.
But when I installed the G.Skill memory, my computer turns on but shows no display.
When I remove the RAM, the computer boots fine.

Anyone know what is happening?
Is the RAM defective or am I missing a key information and the RAM are actually incompatible?

Thank you for your help!
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  1. Chances are you just didn't slot the RAM in properly, you need to push it all the way in till the the things on either side are in the posistion they were orignally in
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    YOu have to different sets of RAM installed is the problem. Try this; take the old RAM and install the new RAM by itself and see if the PC boots.
  3. Here is what I noticed:
    on my motherboard, there are 3 black slots and 3 pink, alternating like (Black, Pink, Black, Pink, Black, Pink).
    My old RAM was in the pink slot.
    I did what you suggested and remove the old RAM and replace with new RAM.
    Everything booted up normally.
    I also just tried to add back the old RAM into the black slot and now everything works.

    I guess problem is solved but anyone why it worked in the pink slot rather than black?

    Thanks everyone for the help!
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  5. Good for you and good luck
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