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I was wondering if anyone here can help me out. I want to build a slave pc for virtual instruments. I would like one as small as possible so that I can add components over time. I would like at least an intel i5 CPU. I have been looking at these cases


Would a case this size be capable of having an intel i5 cpu and a decent bit of ram? I plan on only using an integrated graphics card, and no cd/dvd players.

Also, for a case like this, is there a maximum wattage power supply that you could use with it? I'm pretty sure it will be external, but could you put a 500W psu for example with it, or will that cause other problems?

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  1. No problems for either case using a mini-ITX and Core i5 CPU. But it's probably 2x-4x what you'd actually need.

    Wesena Mini ITX2 Case uses an external power brick (like a laptop) to get DC power to the system. Wesena 120w pico-PSU I've seen options for 200W pico-PSUs

    ML-BIG H67 WiFi is a bit bigger and uses a standard internal Mini ITX / Micro FLEX ATX PSU. (about 350W max PSU)
  2. paulo6891 said:
    as small as possible so that I can add components over time.
    Have you thought this out carefully? There isnt a lot of room in these systems for adding components.
  3. Hi,

    I meant as small as possible so that I can add additional slave computers at some stage. Thanks for the reply.

    I am now currently considering the Lian-Li A05 case
  4. Lian-Li A05 isn't an especially small case. It's pretty much standard micro-ATX and can use most standard average size parts like PSU, video card, etc.
    Here are some more options to compare size
  5. If you want to keep looking at the mini-ITX form factor
    Mini-ITX Tower case options

    I has thought you meant that you'd be 'adding components' to the mini-ITX cases instead of adding more computers.
    I'm thinking mini-ITX is still a reasonable option for you. Without a separate graphics card any PSU in the 200W-250W range should be plenty. And any of the recent dual core CPUs will be fine as well.
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