Can i turn an external hard drive into internal?

as hard drive prices are so high would it be possible to take apart my 640 gb external drive and use for my new build as boot drive?

thanks in advance
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  1. hahaha, yeah i guess you can. Put a usb extension from the rear of your case inside it and attach the drive into the bay with an adaptor. Very ghetto solution but i like your style ;)

    Hey you can even try this thing here :D
    Unscrew the bracket so that you have just the females, theeen

    Awesome :D
  2. well if i take it apart will it not just be like a normal drive with sata etc?
  3. Probably, but not surely. Which brand and model you got?
  4. EDIT: heh, turns out the S2 is special made since it has no SATA or PATA connectors. I've never seen a HDD like that before.

    You could still use it as an internal HDD, but doesn't seem worth it.
  5. I couldn't find an image of it on the net opened. It probably can be rid of it's enclosure but i cannot give you a definite answer.
  6. its fairly modern usb 3.0 so i expect it to be sata i may just buy a 60 gb ssd for boot drive and this for storage
  7. will a 60gb boot drive be sufficient for os and a few programs?
  8. OS, browsers, ms office, photoshop and generally all the essentials go up to 30-32gigas
  9. so i could fit 1 game on the ssd. can i run games from the storage drive?
  10. cool can i run programs such as games from the external hard drive
  11. Yes of course. It will be slower than a normal hdd but you can install your apps and games in a usb stick if you wished it.
  12. its usb 3 will that be near the speed of normal hdd
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