Screen goes black randomly


my screen goes black randomly for a short time (2s or 3s) and then work again

the monitor led still green so it still working and the system does not boot or crash

my spec

i7 2600k @ 3.4ghz
8go ddr3 corsair
hd 500 go
hd 250 go
sapphire hd6950 2go dirt (driver are up to date)
antec earthwatts 430w
win 7 64bit

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  1. Not sure, but maybe underpowered though it is an Antec ?
  2. is there a way to know how much power the psu deliver exactly
  3. a 430 earthwatts with a 6950 and i-7 w/2 HDD? its your PSU. Either that or you tried to OC your card, and it is undervolted
  4. cyrano84 said:
    is there a way to know how much power the psu deliver exactly

    there should be a readout on either the side of the psu or on the box it came with
  5. i also think it's a psu issu
    yesterday i got the black screen 3 time while playing witcher 2
  6. Maybe to be sure try to see what it does with 1 hd and just 4 g ram, but even then it could be underpowered. Amd reccomends 500W supply for 6950, often not really need that much but with your system 430 is just not enough i believe. Also the screen going black without crashing etc points that way i think. ( more a gut feeling than that i really know something about that, so probably someone now says that's a load of b.s., well . . . ) :lol:
  7. ok just checked it out, it is rated a maximum combined output of 430w, theres the issue, you need a better power supply. Antech is a good brand just go with a higher end model, seasonic, and corsair are also top notch. I run a cooler master silent pro 600w; CM's other PSUs arent rated very well but the silent pro series is perty damn good. G'luck getting your new PSU so you can get back to Witcher 2 (which kicks ass btw)
  8. thanks guys

    FlintIronStagg said:
    ok just checked it out, it is rated a maximum combined output of 430w, theres the issue

    what is rated a maximum combined output of 430w?

    in other forums people told me that the 430w will do the job, so i kept my old psu although i wasn't convinced
  9. your PSU has a max output of 430w. The other people that recommended to keep it to you most likely saw antech and didnt check out the physical specs to see that its max load is 430w. for instance, my power supply says 600w- but max output is somewhere around 700w. you will need at the minimum a 500w supply from a reputable company that i listed above. Antech is good, just the one you have isnt meant for high end gaming.
    I am in no means saying to get this if you dont want it or are not sure, but look at the specs and check out where it says " output 600w" then "max output 720w". That is what seperates the reliable psu's from the cheapies alot of the times is they might say 500W but thats the max output and if they arent 80 plus, then they are most likely putting out around 300 of the 500 they say they are capable of. So if your earthwatts is 430w max output, and 80 plus, then it only guarantees 80% of that 430w max output level, which is definitely not enough for that rig you are running. (BTW the silent pro is still a good psu for what you need if its better budget wise than the corsair or antech of the same quality)
  11. I was checking the antec true power new 750w
  12. thats an 80+ as well AND modular. If you can find it in stock, then go for it.
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