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EMI/coil whine when moving mouse coming from headset..

December 17, 2012 11:28:38 PM

Hi guys,

I've tried just about everything in terms of updating/ reinstalling drivers to try and fix this issue but to no avail, I can hear my mouse movements through my headset VERY faintly. I tried removing my GFX card to see if that was the culprit as it does whine under load (New issue with newly installed board, didn't happen with other board) which is actually transmitted to my headset making playing games unbearable, upon removing the card I actually noticed that my mouse movements got a lot loader and just plain stupid. Beeping constantly with every move of the mouse, I've just purchased a sound card which I now feel won't make a difference which is going to annoy me more.

The board I have is an MSI MPower Z77, I never had this issue with my previous board (Sabertooth 990FX).

No matter what USB slot I try it has the same outcome.

So I have in my setup (Now, for testing):


And still the mouse movements are very noticeable and I don't know what to try anymore, this is a brand new board so I might be able to get it RMA'd..

Any suggestions?