Swapping motherboards with out a re-install

OK so i got this new board and i wanted to know if i can swap the board with out re-installing windows 7?

my thought was to boot off of a windows recovery disk and have it install the drivers for the mother board. with this work?
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  1. Generally won't work unless it's the exact same model, plus if it does windows will turn it's self off when you change the hardware (at least for the OEM version).
  2. Its not an OEM, the plan was to swap out the old mother board with the new one pop in a windows recovery cd have it find the drivers for the MoBo and then get rid of the old drivers
  3. have never tried it my self and I'll assume you've come across this already. posting still: http://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=42051

    try it out. let us know whether it works or not
    best luck
  4. Meh fair enough, i just need to get ahold of a recovery CD now for windows 7. since i just ended my semester, worst ill lose is all my games....*removes glasses* Mother of god, the world is at stake.
  5. yes BSH (easier to call you that) the world's at stake and you hold the key :)...I have a request, can you maybe take pics or vids as you try it out so that it kinda becomes a guide on swapping mobo's??
  6. sure ill just need to get a hold of a camera
  7. if you have basically the same hardware you will not have to reinstall. i do it all the time from my old athlon to my current rig. i even have raid and when i swapped for a completely different board i didnt even have to touch anything other than re enable raid and it booted right up. give it a go the worst is you just copy over what you need and reinstall. or you could try the trick of going into computer management and clearing everything and having the drivers for the new mobo on the hdd. it sometimes tricks the hal and loads the newer drivers.
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