Who hates it that this Forum only works on... what does it work on?

Preview button doesn't work, tabs at top don't work, and whenever I try submitting something the freaking thing errors out and loses my post! (FF2@XP)

Huh, but it doesn't even HAVE the Preview/Submit buttons on IE6!
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  1. Umm.... the current version of FF is 3.6.
  2. A website that doesn't render properly on IE6? Who woulda thunk it! Perhaps if MS made IE6 comply with the most basic of web standards without requiring complex hacks and workarounds, pages would actually work as they were intended.

    As for FF2, what errors do you get? That browser is quite old now and isn't even properly supported by Mozilla any more I don't think, but I would have thought it would still work.
  3. What is with the old browsers?

    Are you one of these guys who still runs windows 2000, "because it is the best"?
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