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Why wont my Windows Media Center XP Pro recognize my Hauppage TV Tuners ?

I have a Windows XP PRO Media center PC with both HVR 95Q Tuner and HVR 1600 PCI with up to date drivers installed and my Media Center says "No tuners installed" whe n I try to do the set up. I have tried all resources and configurations to try and get it to recognize the tuners to no avail. Any suggestions ???? Thanks
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  1. Its all about Marketing. Microsoft want's you to buy Windows7.

    Use (download from hauppage)WinTV V7 or whatever version is applicable to you. It functions as DVR and PVR as well.
  2. I have downloaded that and also bought the disc. But it hasn't worked yet ????
    Thanks, Jack
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    You may have a bad tuner. Try to plug it to a different computer.
  4. System requirements for your card.... Make sure you have service pack2 if you are using XP.

    I have not use my card on XP. I have Vista and Win7.
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