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I built a new PC 2 days ago, and I'm a little confused about the BIOS settings. My CPU is i7 3770K. Motherboard is Asus Maximus Formula.

The "CPU level up" option is disabled in the default optimized setting, but I also can access it in the AI Utilities. If the option is disabled in BIOS, does AI Utilities work when I select overclocking in the software? Do I need to change "CPU Level up" option to "AUTO" in BIOS? After I choose "AUTO", does it automatically overclock to 4.6Gz when needed? What's the relationship between BIOS setting and Software configuration?

What is the difference between "Turbo Ratio" and "CPU level up"? The option is set to "Manual" by default. Does it mean it will not boost up to 3.9Gz automatically?

"Xtreme Tweaking" is disabled by default also. Is there any difference after I enable it?

Actually I'm looking for the most optimized settings. The default one seems not good in some options.... If anyone can give me some setting suggestions for this motherboard, that will be great.

Thanks a lot.
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