Help w/ ram upgrade GA-EP35-DS3L

I'm upgrading the ram in my GA-EP35-DS3L from 4 to 8gb of ram. The concern I have is; A) do I buy 4 more gb of ram? Or B) do I buy a whole new set of 8gb. The ram I currently have is;

Unfortunately, it is no longer sold. So, I could get a new set of ram like;

to add to the system. OR, I could buy an entirely new set like;

I do not know if it is necessary to buy all of the same ram. My system is very stable now, and I don't want to undo that stability. Thank you for your help!
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  1. Mixing ram (same specs, voltage) works most of the time but for the time it does not the best thing to do is a new set.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I have another question. Is 8 gb of ram even necessary for a gaming? Will games benefit from more than 4 gb of ram?
  3. Most will not but some of the newer ones do if you have a 64bit OS. 32bit OS only supports 4GB.
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