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I am looking for network security appliances for my office networks. I am having 70 computers connected in the network. I came across few company Sonicwall, WatchGuard, Cyberoam. Any suggestions guys?
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  1. I don’t know about other companies that you have mentioned, however I am using a product offered by WatchGurad i.e. network security appliance. It protects my network very well from various web threats.
  2. Cisco ASA all the way. Industry standard for hardware security appliances.

    Starts out with these little guys and goes all the way up to 1U enterprise firewalls.
  3. Allow me to say, however, that a Cisco ASA is NOT something that you just plug into your network and forget about. It needs to be configured properly which should only be done by a CCNA/CCNP certified professional. A network of 70 computers would justify this cost. Whatever you do, don't be cheap. The worst thing you can do is buy a cheap firewall and wind up having your entire network penetrated. The other hardware firewalls are cheaper and easier to setup, but I guarantee you they're not nearly as good.
  4. I am a firewall guy by profession for 12 years and have managed various networks from small to enterprise. With a 70 people, I can recommend two fws , choose the one which fits you.

    1. Cisco PIX or ASA - This fw requires an experienced guy to manage as someone said, CCNP or CCSP. However this is the fw with minimum issues.

    2. Checkpoint - So simple, that even you can manage it ( I assume you are a business person) after reading its manual carefully.

    I personally prefer Checkpoint over CISCO for firewalls as the basic fundamental rule for security for me is..

    "Security is Simplicity"
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