After clr cmos black screen

Model Name : GA-H61M-S1(rev. 2.0)
M/B Rev : 2.0
BIOS Ver : F2
CPU Brand : Intel Model : Celeron G530 Speed : 2.4 GHz
Operation System : Win 7 64-bit SP : 1
Memory Brand : Kingmax Type : DDRIII
Memory Size : 2x2 GB Speed : 1333 MHz
Power Supply : 400 W

no graphics card
I use the integrated on the MB.

I wrote a letter to gigabyte tech support but until I get the response I would be interested in your opinion about my issue.

I was making a BIOS upgrade (which I know is not recommended) with @BIOS because I couldn't access the BIOS (delete) all I got was a black screen and then the system stopped loading.
After I finished the BIOS upgrade nothing has happened still couldn't get in the BIOS. Then I decided clr cmos to get back factory defaults. So I removed the battery for 5 minutes with computer unplugged and power button pressed for removing residual energy in the circuits. And since then when I turn on the computer I get one short beep and black screen. (power led on, hdd led not flashing).
I would welcome any suggestions regarding this issue. I know that this MB has backup bios. I assume the main bios is gone so I would appreciate any methods how to force the backup bios to kick in.
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  1. When motherboard detects that primary BIOS is corrupted (bad checksum) it switches automatically to second one giving you the possiblity to overwrite primary one. As far as I know there is no way to force this.,397.html

    Maybe try clearing it once again using the jumper.
  2. Sounds like your main bios crashed.
    Did you see a black screen but actually it has a "UEFI BIOS" title on the top?
    If so, it could be backup bios and only enter when main bios bad ..
    If you can enter Windows, you can check in cpu-z for bios version.
  3. [This is a crosspost from another thread on TH --]

    Hi guys! I just solved a black screen scenario with the method provided by fatihtolgaata (I owe you a sixpack).

    I flashed a new BIOS with @BIOS from Gigabyte and decided to clear the CMOS to just in case. Well, because of that, I've spent 5 hours fiddling around until I've found this thread.
    After clearing the CMOS (by shorting the pins) and turning on the , the screen was completely black. After the machine was powered on. I head a beep which means the POST was successful, but the screen remained black. I figured the BIOS was corrupted. So by searching for methods how to reset it, I landed here. As xeonox said, the links are not available but I found a diagram and uploaded it to Imgur which will hopefully last longer.
    I took a paper clip, bent it so that pins 1 and 6 can be connected. I held this in one hand and operated the power switches with the other.

    - PSU switch to OFF
    - position the clip on the pins (M_BIOS chip)
    - PSU switch ON
    - press the power button on the case (the paper clip is touching the pins)
    - it took me 2 tries to get it; timing was really important in my case: as soon as you see the lights, hold the paper clip for half a second more and release

    Here's the diagram

    If you hold the paper clip indefinitely, the machine will boot loop. As chip select (1) and clock input (6) pins are bypassing the main BIOS.
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