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Hello all,
I have a mildly aging gaming rig that has an ati 4870x2 in it. I have set aside some money to upgrade this (~500, flexible), but have been wondering is it worth it yet?
From what I have been seeing I won't be seeing a significant boost in speed with current gen parts unless I go beyond $700 (hd 6990 or gtx 590).
My goal: play Skyrim when it releases (11/11/11) with all the eye candy on at 1920x1200 without dipping below 50hz.

Rest of system:
Mobo: Asus p6t deluxe
CPU: i7 965 running at 3.8ghz
PSU: 1200w PC Power and Cooling

Should I just suck it up and play it with my current card, waiting for the next lineup Q1 2012, or is it worth it to upgrade now/soon?

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    I would wait and see what the 79xx series has and if it still doesn't look like enough wait for the 6xx NVidia im sure they will have a monster coming out
  2. Skyrim most likely wont use more then a gtx 460 power to be honest @ 1080p, the graphics look bland and the textures are poop.
    Maybe something like a 560 ti to max it with mods, but you're 4870x2 is fine for another year or so
  3. I don't think you will have a problem with Skyrim with what you have, and it's a DX9 game so you don't need to upgrade if its just for that, but a pair of 6950s or 560ti's would be great and under budget, my personal choice would be the 560ti's but they are both better options than a 6990 or GTX 590.
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  5. Thanks all
    I'll be hanging on to the 4870x2 for now, to see what is on the horizon (79xx,6xx)
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