How do i know if my asus desktop computer has a sound card?

how do i know if my asus desktop computer came with a sound card? I have speakers plugged in but am getting no sound. I do know the speakers work as i plugged in a mobile phone and played music through them.
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  1. Open the case and use your eyes to see if there is a sound card, Not hard
  2. If you have a speaker jack you have a sound card either discreet (plugs into an expansion slot) or integrated (the circuitry is part of the motherboard). The real questions is why isn't your sound card working. Check and see if the driver is up to date if it is installed at all. you can go to the asus website and download the driver intended specifically for your motherboard. Also try plugging the speakers into the front panel audio jack.
  3. just to check you did go into volume control mixer and make sure nothing is muted/turned all the way down right?
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