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Could I have done something to slow my cpu? I may just but wrong on this, but I'm looking at dxdiag and have an AMD Phenom ii x4 925 but in msconfig it only lists one processor core. Am I missing something?
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  1. Sorry if I'm not making it clear enough. Oddly, task manager shows only one graph. In msconfig under 'boot' it shows only one processor in the drop down menu. CPU-Z also shows only one core. Am I wrong in thinking there should be 4?
  2. I see 1 core and 1 thread on cpu-z. I am not sure how to check my motherboard bios.
  3. Hey General, i understand your frustrated. But we don't sit here on our time waiting for someone to get a attitude with us. Now to check your BIOS restart your computer, and once the computer comes back up there will be a Bios Logo screen (Manufacture name and Board name) press the Key it says press on the screen. Now idk what board you have but make your way over to the CPU tab and key down to Number of cores List. You should see core 0 and Core 1. Core 0 Will always be enabled because obviously if you turn the 0 core off then your screwed. But anyways if you see a core 0 and a core 1 then you have two cores not 1. Your CPU is a quad core. So either the cores are now busted or they have been disabled in the bios and you have to re-enable them
  4. I apologize but I didn't mean to seam like I was getting smart. I was legitimately apologizing for being unable to clarify as my literacy with these things is laughable when compared to others on this board. I honestly was trying my best to be clear and not invoke anger from you guys. Though looking back at it now, I do see how my response could have been construed as derisive. My sincerest apologies. Thank you both for the advice. I'll give it a shot. Fingers crossed.
  5. I think I got it figured out. I still don't know what was wrong or how it happened but I have four up and running now. I checked the bios and it only had 0 and 1 listed as you predicted Rock. After a fruitless search for a bios update I tinkered a bit in msconfig and unchecked the "number of processors" box in the boot menu, then restarted. Somehow it was limiting my system to one core. I have no idea how or why but it seems to be working now. Thank you both very much. I wish every problem was this cheaply solved.
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