Pc wont boot and monitor shows no picture

So yesterday i was playing some xbox on my pc monitor as i always do and then my sister came and started up the computer and when i changed the monitor cable from xbox cable to pc cable the monitor did t show any picture,
I restarded the computer by holding down power button and then turning it on
Still the same problem, it doesnt boot nor the monitor shows no image at all sin e all the cables are correctly connected, just a yellow light on the monitor.

Before i played the xbox the pc was working fine as always.
I removed the power cord and held down the power button for 30-60 seconds and then connected the power cord and tryed to start it,
Still same problem , no beeps only fans and the turn on button light.
No booting to the bios or windows 7 just a blank black screen.
I really appreciate any good answers and answers to solve this,
Oh and my graphics card is new so i dont think it has something to so with it.
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  1. Sorry if this is the wrong section
  2. Noone knows a solution for this ?
  3. UPDATE: i solved the problem, apparently the monitor cable was stuck or something , but now i made the computer beep and monitor works now , but its not launching, it hangs on "starting windows" and never responses, same with the startup repair it loads "the files" and the meter fills up and then hangs, same with all other boot devices.
    F8 om startup works but all the options i select hangs too,
    Any solutions?
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