EVGA GTX 460 Overclocked SLi power usage?

So i seen some power usage tests with regular GTX 460's and i seen they got to 450 watts. I got a 650 watt power supply(MKii silencer) and i was wondering if I could run another graphics card. Im not sure on the wattage usage though with the overclocked editions. For sure I could run regular GTX 460's in SLI but Im not sure about the SLI. Anyone know the wattage of those cards? I want to get ready for BF3 :) Nothing is overclocked on my system just the graphics card from the factory.

The EVGA model is the GTX 460 SC If I remember correctly
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  1. You shouldn't have a problem, you'll be hard pressed to get both cards up to where they'd overload you PSU.
  2. If one card requires that you have a 450w ps and you have a 650w then you will have no problem with SLI. Both cards together won't pull more than 200w.
  3. awesome. thank you guys. im going to go for it and see what happens. I think i'll be safe honestly. The overclocked 460's are like having a 470 which is awesome. Anyways thanks guys. Going to search around for another graphics card. I'll ask for it for christmas
  4. Where can I find EVGA 768-P3-1362-TR? I tried ghoogling it and no one sell's it no more which is crap
  5. First google result for me:


    And you're doing the 768MB versions? Those take even less power:)
  6. Well ordered it up. I guess we will just have to wait to find out if I got a big enough power supply lol. Im really hoping that 650 watts is enough. From what the review said 1 card pulled 175 watts when 100%(heck I was playing Dead Island and seen it was using 98% of my card on EVGA's Precision tool) So thats already lining me up to 350 watts plus I got the i7 950 lol. Im already at 500 watts. This is going to be close.
  7. What is your CPU ? You want to make sure you don't have a bottle neck there.
  8. Inzone I got the i7 950. Im not worried about it being a bottleneck I just wanted to make sure 650 watt power supply was enough. So far it's working like a dream :)
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