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Does overclocking reduce the life of the components? Even under proper cooling?

If yes, I would like to know a good Z77 motherboard for non overclockers with PCI x16 3.0 x 2
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  1. it does but your components life will exceed the time you will use if that makes sense. lets say the processor you have it was made to last at minimum 10 wont use it for 10 years, you will upgrade by overclock it and take 2-3 years away in worst case scenario...that's still 7-8 years of component life and you will upgrade before that anyways. when overclocking dont let your load temps go over 80c and you will be fine. dont overclock using stock heatsink, with good heatsinks you can re use them when upgrading as manufacturers will release new mounting brackets to make them compatible with next upcoming sockets
  2. Thanks, that really helped. Can you recommend me a cooler with i5-3570k and MSI z77mpower. I will planning a phantom 410 which comes with 3 fans included so that should help.

    P.S. I am not planning to spend a lot on cooler. So I am looking for a best budget cooler.
  3. I would recommend COOLER MASTER Hyper N 520 as a bang for the buck cooler

    here are newegg cpu coolers sorted by the best rating
  4. What would be idle temperatures with this or max under load?
  5. i dont know as I dont use that cooler, I'm personally using corsair h100 which is a water cooling setup
    when ocing your idle temps will stay the same or 2-5c higher with the added voltage for stability so lets say 30-35c idle and your load should not go over 80c
  6. Can you also tell me a motherboard for i5 3570 when i won't be overclocking?
  7. Come on guys, there has to be a motherboard for non-overclockers!
  8. Ok, I am planning for MSI Z77 Mpower. Are there any other boards I should be comparing to?
  9. Overclocking is a benefit though.

    Buy the unlocked processor.

    Every year they release a new CPU that's faster than your current one. If you overclock, you can match the performance of that new processor. With better cooling you get more overclocking headroom, so it saves you money.
  10. Do they release in Jan or somewhere in the middle of the year?

    Also can you recommend me a motherboard? I will be planning crossfire. And will probably wait for ATI 8000 series.
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