Nvidia Surround Setup Help Please

Hello Forum, please note this is my first thread (i'm learning :) )

Okay so i've had my computer setup for just over a year, throughout that time I have been upgrading here and there ie: AMC's, new chassis, new ps ex. Now im looking into Nvidia's 3d vision surround. I've been thinking about it for a while and I decided that the 3d is just not worth all the money although i think the 2d surround will be just as good. So right now i have decided to go with Nvidia's surround as apposed to amd's eyefinty although i'm still thinking of going either way.
So here is my plan; Nvidia's surround requires 2 GPU's and I have chosen 2 EVGA gtx 550 ti's . Now, my current mobo dose not support SLI, only crossfireX so I need a new mobo in order to use both of my Nvidia cards (i need to upgrade anyway) i have decided the GIGABYTE GA-990 (one of the few am3 mobo's that support SLI). Now for the real deal; the display. I chose 3 AOC e2243Fw 21.5" (they are defiantly more budget monitors but i figure I would rather have bigger than better)

So all together:
- 2 EVGA GTX550 ti $160 ea x2
- Gigabyte am3 mobo w/SLI $160
- 3 AOC e2243Fw 21.5" $130ea x3
-------------------------------------- total $870 (as much as I'm willing to spend :s)
Please remember i'm going for a cheap but worthy setup. If i could get more horsepower for a bit more money or better stuff for a little more or less please let me know this is the point of my post.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Please comment your 2 cents on what is the best bang for your buck when it comes to muti display gaming EX. better GPU config, different monitors. This is first rig so please help out thanks. :)
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  1. My System:
    Chassis: Antec lanboy air (Blue)
    MOBO: MSI 790GX-G65
    CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition
    GPU: Galaxy Nvidia GTS 250
    HDD: WD Caviar 500GB
    PSU: Ultra LSP 750w
    GPU AMC:Zalman VF1000
    CPU AMC: Zalman VF3000N
    OS: Win7 64-bit
  2. you technically dont need 2 gpu's all you need is the right cords to hook up the monitors. I bought a used zotac gtx 670 for $180 and on single monitor, itll whoop sli 550ti's however what you do want to focus on is Vram, even if you do go sli and both cards have 2 gb each of vram, your system will still only use 2gb of vram and tri monitor set ups are reccommended to get at least 3-4 gb of vram so that means you could get a good 670 - 660 ti with 3-4 gb of vram for the same price as your 550 ti's and get better performance and less wattage needed. As to setting ll the monitors up on 1 gfx cards all I did was buy 2 Rocket fish DVI-HDMI cords for $50-60 and used a simple hdmi for the 3rd HOWEVER MAKE SURE YOU BUY 3 IDENTICAL MONITORS. i Bought 2 no name 32 inchers and used them with my vizio 28 inch and right now is a pain in the ass with drivers. Btw check out my mobo, I gotta MSI 970-G43 and it supports sli and crossfire for only like $80-90 bucks.
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