AMD system vs Intel System

After reading suggestions from this forum, i decide i'll buy an intel system.

Is this enough to play at 1080? Skyrim and MW3? An AMD system is $200 bucks cheaper. (AM3 880chipset, PII 965, HD6950). This are peruvian prices (yes, we pay a lot for gaming pc's)

NZXT Gamma $ 41.00
CoolerMaster Silent Pro 600watts $119.00
Intel Core i5 2500k $275.00
CORSAIR® Vengeance 16GB 1600 $144.00
GeForce GTX 560Ti 1GB $303.00
Seagate 1Tb ST31000524AS $ 79.00
DVD $ 30.00
Monitor LG IPS236V $283.00
Total Dolares $1,475.00
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  1. Where are you buying from? Those prices look so high!

    Ill put together a build for you when im on my pc. Also where are you from (Australia)?
  2. You can probably cut back on the ram , you don't need 16gb , 8gb would be fine. You could take the savings and up the psu to a 750w just to be safe and be future proof incase you do SLI. Everything else is fine.
  3. appleshaq said:
    Where are you buying from? Those prices look so high!

    Ill put together a build for you when im on my pc. Also where are you from (Australia)?

    I think he said Peru , that would explain the high prices.
  4. Is it gaming OR software encode stuff?
    Gamer Build:
    i5-2500k $215
    Corsair Vengeance 8GB 1600MHz low profile heatspreader $60
    Optical Drive $20(Find one for $20)
    Asus ROG Maximus $170
    GTx 560 Ti 2GB $240
    Antec 750w $100
    Mid Tower $100(Find a mid tower with great airflow)
  5. appleshaq,

    Read the post:
    "This are peruvian[/p] prices ...".
  6. Someone is not actually reading your post first!

    Yes, the AMD system is cheaper which would allow for a more expensive graphics card. The HD 6950 and GTX 560ti are about equal in relative power. However if overclocking is a goal, (and both the CPU's you mentioned are OC cpus with unlocked multipliers) then you should consider a quality motherboard. An 880G mobo would pale in comparison to the Z68.

    For both of the games you've suggested, for maxing out at 1080p the GTX 470 is a better choice. One way to save money is you really don't need 16GB of memory for gaming under WIN7. It won't help with frame rates or image quality.

    So either make room in the budget for the Z68/core i5 and go with a GTX 560ti and possibly sacrifice some eye candy, or go with the cheaper CPU and a GTX 470 and give up a little in frame rates. Most folks would tell you to go with the i5.
  7. Not all the prices are high he managed to find a 1TB hard drive for only $80 they are all more expensive than that on newegg.
  8. thx for your answers,

    i'll buy the i5, z68, and make a little more budget and buy a 570. thx to all.
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