Radeon HD 6990 Eyefinity configuration doubts

In a CrossfireX array with 2 Radeon HD 6990 video cards, it's possible configure a 3x2 landscape or portrait group of monitors using 3 DisplyPort interfaces on each video card? It has been configured a group with this array using projectors instead of monitors?
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  1. I don't believe so. As I understand it, when two cards are in a Crossfire configuration, the outputs of the secondary card are disabled.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Yah I agree with Wolf.The 2nd card in crossfire display ports are disabled.

    Although with a card like the 6990 they can probably planned ahead and will allow daisy chains for up to 6 monitors.

    You have x2 6990's or just the one?

    If you have actually x2 6990's then you should be warned that unless you have a really fast/powerful CPU that you will get severly bottlenecked.
  3. Yes, look-up DP 1.2 MST

    Just a single HD6990 (or 68xx) would support that, but you need a hub. However, that's why I've been waiting for DP1.2 on laptops.

    If you want separate support non MST as your original question suggests (3 per card), then have to use the two cards separately, and depending on resolution of the projectors you may even daisy-chain some if supported.

    And unlike what was mentioned of course Xfire+Eyefinity (even in arrays) has been supported since the old Cat9 drivers, but it's effectiveness is an application to application thing and picking between the possible 10native (12 total) outputs is tricky. Really very app/situation dependent.

    Hopefully you can find other help, cause I'm just stopping by (don't bother PM'ing won't check for months). Good Luck! :hello:
  4. Well, i'm building a mega rig for gaming, that's the reason of my interest. If i buy 2 Radeon HD 6990 and make an array between both cards (CrossfireX), it's possible configure a 3x2 landscape or portrait group or only a 5 portrait group? How can i configure any of this groups? If somebody knows this, please show me how (wiring, connectors, interfaces, etc.) with pics if possible.
  5. As TGGA states, you will be able to connect six monitors with the HD6990 once Multi-Stream Hubs are available. AnandTech has an article on DP1.2 that shows how it's supposed to work.

    -Wolf sends
  6. I guess the best way of knowing is to call AMD.
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