Not your normal disk boot fail

Alright so here are the details, im trying to restore a friends compaq running xp because it has virus warnings and to many programs all they want to do is access the internet...

The pc runs fine off the hard drive just beyond slow
The dvd drive dont work but it has a cd drive
When i disable all boots and make the working cd drive the only bootable with the recory cd she provided me with it tells me there is a boot drive fail press any key to reload

Whats interesting is that i had another compaq recovery disk laying around and the drive will tell me its the wrong one so i know it reads

Ive also tried using an iso burnt copy of windows xp that works for other restores

Ive tried running all cds on an external drive and tried the unplugging all componets starting up with out the hd then plugging everything back in but nothing works... So as a last ditch effort im trying to run unbutu and see where that takes me but everyone keeps saying its a bad hd i just dont believe it because asides from speed and virus it works any help would be of great thanks!
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  1. I'd use the ultimate boot disk to check the harddrives smart monitoring and then check the drive for errors.
  2. Never heard of the ultimate boot disk ill google it and unbutu worked so it has to be just a bad copy of the cd glad that it seems like there is still hope thanks.
  3. You mentioned using a CD optical drive. The Windows disk is a DVD, and requires a DVD drive. That's not your problem, is it?
  4. Now that you mention it that seems like a duh stupid to me but the same drive ran unbutu so idk
  5. type msconfig in run
    Start unchecking all the unnecessary programs from start-up.
    Run some virus removal software.
    Malwarebytes in safemode will find alot of problems.
    Run TDSS killer - rootkit remover
    Download MSE and scan in normal mode
    Update XP to SP3 if you haven't and you also should be using IE8
    I have no idea what make of hdd you're working on = doesn't matter
    Seagate and WDC have hard drive tools on their websites to identify and detect faulty drives.
    Run CCleaner to remove crap.
    Just make sure you uncheck the MS Malware box in applications if you decide to use Microsoft Security Essentials(MSE).
    I'd try stuff like this before resorting to the methods you're trying.
    A disc defrag is probably a good idea.
  6. So embarasing but the 3rd time i tested the external dvd drive it read the disk and restored, One of the best restores also because i didnt have to hunt down any drives and normally i would have done the steps you mentioned davcon but my friend insisted on the restore thanks everyone!
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