Two cards, one machine, not simultaneously

I*d like to install a quadro and a gtx in one machine. the quadro to be used for PS, the GTX to be used for gaming. Why? -> need the 30-bit support of the quadro.
I guess one of the cards would alwayz have to be disabled in the device manager, so no prob there. But what about the drivers? Will Win 7 find the right of the two drivers, depending on which card is enabled?
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  1. Shouldnt be a problem, all will work fine. Win7 will use the right drivers. I've been experimenting myself with 2 different cards and all came together with each use. At the moment I'm having issues with Ati and Nvidia together. If your using one monitor and it has 2 inputs I would connect both cards to the one monitor just to lighten the hassle. Also remember to enable the one card before you disable the one your using or that would totally suck.
  2. Hi
    Thanks for the confirmatio. But do You mean that I should ENable the one card befor DISabling the other or vice versa? I would think it'd be easier to have the one card disabled befor I enable the other one?
    Will be interesting to see how the hardwarecalibrated monitor behaves when switching from one card to the other...
    Think I'll go for a quadro 600 besides my GTX 580.
  3. My only thought was accidently forgetting to turn the other on before you disable the first lol. If not you got just two inputs that are blank and you cant do anything unless you go to safe mode. Disabling dosent give you that 15 seconds to hit yes or it switchs back. Just save you lot of time to keep that rule number one so you dont have to safe mode and then do this and that to reset it. Other then that I think you'll be quite fine.
  4. Well, it does not work. When both cards are installed, one in PCIE 1 an one in PCIE 2) I just get 1600 x 1200 from the second card in PCIE 2. No way to change this. Have contacted Windows and they say it i not possible. Any help?
  5. really, thats kinda jacked up considering gpu from 2 different manu work but 2 from the same dont. I'm sorry man I was pretty sure it would work just fine. What windows we running?
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